The Right CRM Software Can Help Your Nonprofit

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It’s an understatement to say that running a nonprofit isn’t easy. You have multiple tasks like fundraising, managing cases, donors, members, programs, etc. On top of this, you must make do with fewer resources than other organizations exist to generate profits.  

So, how do you make your life easier? An excellent way to make your data more organized and accessible is to use Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Software designed for nonprofits. 

With the right CRM software, you don’t have to worry about Word docs, calendars, spreadsheets, lists, etc., because all your data is accessible and organized on one easy-to-use platform. Good CRM software also improves your nonprofit’s workflow and security. 

The Evolution of CRM Software

Software developers initially created CRM software to assist organizations in managing sales and maximizing revenue. However, companies like Sumac have taken CRM into a different niche for nonprofit organizations in sectors such as human, health, environmental, animal welfare, arts, education, political, anti-violence, etc.

Donor Management

Donors and fundraising campaigns are as crucial to nonprofits as sales are to for-profit organizations. You must engage with your donors effectively and develop relationships by staying on top of their information and offering them personalized service. 

With the right CRM software, you can improve your organization’s donation management as you access critical information through an organized and accessible system. 

What Makes for the Best Nonprofit CRM Software?

You’ll probably find many options if you search for nonprofit CRM software. So, how does the best CRM software for nonprofits stand apart from the rest? 

Powerful Built-in Functionality: The best CRM software for nonprofit organizations usually has enough basic functionality to serve most nonprofits before they decide to purchase upgrades. Additionally, the enhancements are cost-effective to buy. The basic version of the platform is free for organizations that qualify in order to help them budget

Customization: As mentioned above, you should be able to customize your CRM software to add the functions you need. There are so many nonprofits out there from various sectors, and most of them don’t necessarily need all advanced functionality components. 

Easy to Use: You’re busy running your nonprofit and don’t have time for a new platform for your organization that has a steep learning curve. That’s why the best nonprofit CRM software is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. Additionally, good CRM offers free training and live support at no extra cost. 

Also, live support shouldn’t be with an online bot but with a real empathetic person who can help troubleshoot most issues. Developers of good CRM software for nonprofits realize that you may not have the resources to fund an IT department. 

Cloud Computing: As more people work remotely to stay safe, cloud computing is becoming essential. Your CRM software should be online, allowing you to connect with it from anywhere. It should also be exceptionally safe and secure to protect priceless donor data from cybercriminals and the like. 

As the dynamics of the world shift, your nonprofit needs a powerful, easy, and cost-effective CRM platform that’s highly customizable and designed to improve your organization’s productivity. 

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