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The Types of Internet Marketing Tools for Your Business to Thrive Online

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The Types of Internet Marketing. For your digital marketing techniques to be effective, it is necessary that you use the right digital tools to promote your company’s product or service. If the right marketing methods are not used, it could result in your business losing whatever little online presence it has.

When it comes to growing a business’ brand image on the internet, it is recommended that you approach a digital marketing agency that specializes in this field as they can provide you with a definitive set of internet marketing tools in order to help increase your product reach and generate new leads online. Some of the well known marketing tools that companies use are listed below.

What are the Most Effective Internet Marketing Tools Companies Use?


Optimizely is a specific internet marketing tool which allows companies to conduct A/B type testing (these tests consist of a randomized experiment with two variants, A and B). This can help you gauge exactly how effective your online presence is as well as how many new users visit your platform, this in turn, will lead to higher conversion levels and an increase in revenue.

Optimizely alo has a feature called ‘Experiment Everywhere.’ This allows companies to try different product tests and methods with the ability of integrating deep personalization capabilities by using the Experiment Engine. These features can be complex to run for beginner users but the results they yield are highly sought after.


Buffer is another internet marketing tool that is targeted for large multinational corporations looking to improve their existing web presence. Small scale business’ can also opt for buffer but it is more suitable for marketing teams that are looking to jumpstart a large marketing campaign as it allows companies to automate and maximize their entire social marketing promotional campaign through various integrated tools for online platforms such as website sharing widgets, automatic social post scheduler and auto reply email marketing.


MailChimp is an internet marketing tool that companies can use to automate promotional emails. However, there are a few restrictions on some of its marketing automation features. If you require something more robust, consider using HubSpot or Autopilot.

MailChimp is a digital marketing tool that is just right for beginners as it has a clean user interface and is simple to use with a very minimum learning curve. It is also free for small businesses, some of its most used features on offer are listed below.

  • Email templates
  • Software integrations
  • Website traffic monitoring


This internet marketing tool, Canva is a subscription based service that enables companies to do their own design. Not every business can afford a full-time web designer which is why Canva has a simple step by step process of how to build a website. There is a list of ready-made visually appealing templates that can be easily put together through a drag-and-drop process. It is also optimized for smartphones and can help startups and small scale businesses to create logos, graphs and designs using custom fonts.

What Should a Product Manager Research Before Attending an Interview?

It is the responsibility of a product manager to manage the product throughout all the different stages, from creation to delivery. The curated list below is the product manager interview questions that are most asked, this should help provide you with a better understanding.

General Behavioral Questions

  • What was your biggest mistake as a product manager?
  • How have you had an impact at your previous company?
  • What has been the most controversial decision you have had to make?
  • What has been the most challenging problem you have faced as a product manager?

Product Management Questions

  • What do you believe are the qualities of a great product manager?
  • What aspects of product management do you enjoy the most?
  • What are the aspects you dislike the most?
  • What methodology do you prefer using when it comes to the product?
  • How to design a good product roadmap?

Customer/User Related Questions

  • How did you interact with your users in a previous company?
  • What was the process you used to gather feedback from users?
  • How did you know if the users were satisfied with your product?
  • How did you think about onboarding new users to your product?

Communication Questions

  • What steps do you take to ensure you write the best possible press release?
  • How do you structure the communication to irritate customers and buy time to help appease them until you send them a replacement product within the next few days?

Product Design Process Questions

  • How would you define great product design?
  • Has there been a time when you had to cut a feature that would make your product more usable?
  • How did you prioritize this and convey the reason to your design team?
  • How do you decide what not to include in the final build of the product?

Product Metrics Questions

  • What would be the top metrics that you would track and why?
  • Has there been a time where you came up with an experiment around a product metric?
  • Was there a product metric that you have improved and if yes, what were the steps you implemented?

A product manager must possess an extraordinary skill set, especially when it comes to analytical abilities. They must be able to effectively communicate with all in-house departments as well as business executives, shareholders, product development teams and much more.

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