The Ultimate Welcome Package for Your New Starters

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Starting a new job can be daunting – not least in a post-covid world where for many, the working environment is a long distant memory and things have shifted quite considerably since they last made it into the office. Effective staff inductions should be timely, well organized, and engaging – helping reinforce the candidate’s decision to work for the firm as a positive one and ensuring that they feel empowered and inspired to start their role. But what to include in a new starter’s welcome pack that will help them on board and show your appreciation for them accepting the job offer? Read on…

Staff manual/how-to guides

Every company should have a basic welcome guide or staff manual, printed and bound ready for new employees to peruse and refer back to at their leisure. A staff manual should include the company’s policies and procedures, an overview of roles and responsibilities and a comprehensive and clearly detailed rundown of the business’s values, goals, and objectives. Employee handbooks should also contain plenty of contact information for various departments and/or people within the business so that, should new staff members need further information, they know where to go to look for it.

A who’s who

Something often left out of a welcome package but often critically helpful is a who’s who of employees. This need not necessarily be printed out but could be posted on a wall (it may prove handy for visitors to the business or building, as well as staff) or on the company’s website, depending on staffing numbers and turnover. Ideally, each employee should have their headshot, full name and job title featured, as well as any other important working details (i.e. are they a first aider or emergency marshal? Are they responsible for the stationery cupboard? Are they the contact person for something specific and important?)

IT kit

There is nothing worse than turning up for your first day on the job and finding your keenness to work quickly hampered by the fact that your IT functionality isn’t up to speed. Ensuring that new starters have all they need tech-wise ahead of time allows them to hit the ground running and feel like one of the team right from their very first day. Complete any safety assessments ahead of their start date so that if any specialist IT equipment is required, it can be ordered and set up all in time for the first day.

Personalised goodies

Go the extra mile and demonstrate your appreciation for new staff by gifting them something low-cost, branded, and personalized. Companies like IGO Promo offer a variety of corporate gifts ideal for a welcome pack, such as personalised water bottles, tote bags, umbrellas, and notebooks. These gifts are nominal but add a nice touch and give new starters something to take home with them and show off. Such items can be ordered individually or in bulk and used as required when batches of new staff join the business. Use brand colors or logos to reiterate the business presence – after all, everywhere these items go and are seen by others is another brand opportunity.


If a new employee will be sitting at a desk (at home or in an office), consider providing a houseplant for their working space. There are numerous scientifically-proven benefits to having houseplants, including reduced stress levels, sharpened attention, boosted productivity, and even a generally improved outlook on work life. 

What company wouldn’t want their employees to start out their career journey with them happy, healthy, and feeling fulfilled? All for the cost of a little green potted plant!

It doesn’t take much to make a new starter feel welcomed and prepared for their new role. By putting in a little effort, you can reap increased employee satisfaction and productivity in return.

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