The only sure thing about luck is that it will change

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These are the words of wisdom of Wilson Mizner, a great American playwright, and entrepreneur. Perfect fit for what we tend to tell you in the next couple of lines.

Do you ever FEEL lucky? Do you recognize, when you wake up and jump out of bed, that that exact day will bring you some good fortune? Most probably, you are thinking NO right now. Well, most people who experienced events in which luck played the prime role didn’t. The truth is that you can never know when your good fortune is waiting for you just around the corner. But, if you never try your luck, you will never find out…

One of the most popular ways to summon the mysterious Lady Luck is to gamble. Entertaining, exciting, and ultimately very attractive activity, when you realize that in just one spin you can become a multimillionaire ! You must have seen lots of ads offering gigantic amounts of money for just one lucky press of a button. Admit it, it triggered you, and you are not the only one.

Progressive Jackpot – The Road to Wealth

Isn’t it exciting to even dream about the moment of becoming a millionaire? The gambling industry can make that dream come true. More specifically, progressive jackpots can.

They’re created with the intention to pay out colossal amounts of cash, to the blessedest ones. Implemented into many slot and poker machines, progressive jackpots are the amounts that grow until a player scores a win. Additionally, the grand prize increases as more players participate in the game; a percentage of every bet is in use, added to the final prize pool. Simply said- the more you lose, the bigger the grand prize will be. Once the progressive jackpot is won, the next round is changed around to fixed value, and again, it will rise in the same method as in the previous game. The range of possible winning amounts goes from thousands of dollars up to millions and millions. If you are born under a lucky star…

The Most Fortunate Ones

In terms of massive winnings, the year 2021 was a very successful one. It brought to this world a pretty nice number of new multimillionaires. We will name a few.

•      €7,595,435 / Hall of Gods

Player from Finland scored a gigantic win playing in an online platform. The lucky punter hit a progressive jackpot on Hall of Gods, a 5-reel video slot by Net Entertainment, based on Norse mythology. The most fascinating thing about this win is the fact that the player registered to the site just 24 hours before the event that changed his life forever!

•      €8,133,445.23 / Deal or No Deal Megaways Jackpot

We can only imagine the excitement when a fortunate player whose identity remained a secret, realized that he never needs to work again in his life! Jokes aside, this is the highest ever paid amount by Blueprint Gaming, the developer of Deal or No Deal Megaways Jackpot, the game that shook someone’s life to the core. You know what’s the craziest about this win? The lucky player’s stake was only €0.80.

•      £15.2million / WowPot Jackpot

 The first-ever win in Egypt-inspired WowPot progressive jackpot game by Microgaming happened in April 2021, when a mysterious player won a monstrous £15.2million.

•      €19,430,723.60 / Mega Moolah Jackpot

Yes, you read correctly. Almost 20 million Euros! It’s difficult to guess the expression on the face of the Belgium player who scored the biggest win on the famous Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming. Many found luck in this popular release, but no one was as lucky as this online slot seeker!

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