Tho Whom is VPS Cloud Server Designed for?

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On the VPS server services, there is a type of VPS that unique and provides a brilliant performance on hosting the activity. The type of that VPS server is called VPS cloud server. Cloud VPS server is a perfect choice for your hosting activity, especially if you need full access to the hosting server and dedicated sources like CPU and RAM. VPS cloud server provides you with dedicated resources and brings bright performance to your website as the top priority.

VPS cloud server also provides additional services whenever you need some extra resources. Another point plus of the VPS cloud server is all the services are based on the features used in the hosting practice. Hence, you can estimate and target the services that you will use based on the budget allocated.

On the VPS cloud server, you can also get full access to manage the software within the server. Whenever you make a change (add or remove) on the software and the operating system, you don’t need to change a setting that you have fixed before.

Who can use a VPS?

To answer the question above regarded to who can use the VPS, the best answer is everyone can use the VPS and VPS cloud server without any limitation. Everyone is welcomed to using the VPS server and not limited to several people only with the specification.

Since the VPS server is known as the middle solution to overcome the high-quality performance and the pricing matter on the hosting services, VPS and VPS cloud server is a perfect option for you, if you are:

Require the improvement from the former hosting service

If you are using cloud hosting or shared hosting before, you will find several problems such as downtime due to the overwhelming traffic and the lack of capacity on the database and resource. That phenomenon is common in hosting activity because cloud and shared hosting share its resource to several users at the same time. The best solution as the troubleshooting for this problem is by changing the hosting service to the VPS and the VPS cloud server that able to provide you with the dedicated resource, full-root access, and private space for better performance. Whenever your traffic increased rapidly, you don’t need to worry about the performance because the VPS server has already back you up.

Need the full-access

Full-root access is one of the ultimate features offered by the VPS and VPS cloud server to its users. This feature lets you modify the software in your server, so when you want to add or remove so software, you can do it immediately without taking some time for the engineer to help you overcome the problem. You can also change the operating system with this feature. For example, if you are using the Windows operating system and you willing to change it to Linux operating system, you are fully allowed to do that. The other point plus is you can do all of the system changes without interrupting any performance on your hosting server. Anything happened like never before in a blink of an eye.

You need the security

VPS and VPS Cloud Server are renowned as the securest server standing along with a dedicated server. If you are using the cloud or shared hosting, the security is not really guaranteed because you are working with other users that you don’t know and known using the same resource. This condition is an opportunity for criminals to get into your hosting system and sabotage yours or stealing your sensitive data, especially if you are a public figure.

By upgrading your hosting system with the VPS or VPS Cloud Server, you don’t have to be worried because the security is 100% unbeatable. You can get the personal space for yourself without sharing it with another user and minimize the risk of any losses on your database.

What are the differences between VPS and Public Cloud solutions?

There are several differences between the VPS and the VPS Cloud Server. Even if there are some differences, they actually are not really contrasted with each other. The things that differentiate VPS and VPS Cloud Server are located at its distribution, access, and the prices

At the VPS (Virtual Private Server), the resource allocation is held on a computer or called the parent server to several private hosting. While on the VPS Cloud server or VPS public cloud solutions, the computer is fully dedicated to a single client, so the user will not have to mind the resource you will get. On several occasions, the VPS Cloud server is also known as the semi-dedicated hosting server due to its similarity in several parts and functions.

The control panel given by the VPS (Virtual Private Server) cloud allows you to do some expansion and customizing. While on the VPS, all the changes on the control panel are required some special access.

For the financial aspect, the VPS server is way cheaper compared with the VPS Cloud server, but the benefit that you get is almost similar to the dedicated server in the whole features. Some people say that the VPS Cloud server is a form of the cheaper dedicated server.

Can I host several websites on a VPS?

You may once have a dream of having several websites more under your management, and you can run them all together at the same time. That dream is impossible if you are using shared hosting or cloud hosting. The story will be different if you are using the VPS (Virtual Private Server) and VPS Cloud Server. By using the service, the number of websites that you can manage at the same time is not limited as long as you have the space on the disk space or database. Renting the VPS (Virtual Private Server) is giving you a lot of benefits more than what you have expected before. If now you are using the cloud or shared hosting, it’s fine to use it first as you build the web site’s reputation and learn the hosting management. You are also encouraged to visit WordPress websites and read the WordPress hosting reviews to develop your understanding. Once you need the upgrade due to your over limit visitor or whenever you need more space for yourself, VPS and VPS cloud server is always welcome.

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