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TLG gaming India was incorporated on January 15, 2018, b the Registrar of Companies, Ahmedabad. It is a limited liability partnership firm with a total contribution of Rs.100,000. Dedicated to provide the best deals and services to the Gaming and IT industry and help in the growth of esports in India. 

Headquartered in Surat, Gujarat, the company delivers the best in the market gaming accessories and PC equipment such as gaming mouse, keyboard, motherboard, desktop, etc., at the best prices of various brands. The company is also known for its best after-sale services. 

Product Review Of Razor Basilisk Ultimate

Victory has never been this easy and personal as is with the new Razor Basilisk Ultimate. The ultimate wireless gaming mouse with the high quality and performance that is power-packed, the Basilisk can be made to look, feel and play exactly like you want it to. Those running out of options and ideas will be your opponents.

Razer Hyper Speed Wireless

Maintain your winning streak with the hyper-speed razor basilisk, which is three times faster than any other wireless gaming device. With an optimized data protocol and ultra-fast radio frequency, the process of data transfer from mouse to PC has been increased immensely, making it a mouse with the lowest click latency. The razor basilisk is even more reliable because it stays stable even in the nosiest data-saturated environments. 

11 Programmable Buttons

Command your weapon at your whim, and that is to keep it at your fingertips by mapping out the secondary functions and macros with the Razer Basilisk. Same as its wired variety, the Basilisk comes with a multi-function paddle. The design is right-handed ergonomic for right-handed people weighing over 107 grams.

14 Customizable Razer Chroma Lighting Zones

We can program all the lightning zones in this mouse individually in Chroma Studio RGB, which looks extraordinary and stands out in battle stations when you light up your opponents. 

Customizable Scroll Wheel Resistance

The Razor Basilisk has a dial on the underside of the mouse that gives you the freedom to tweak its scroll wheel resistance as you want, be it smooth as a feather or tactile, depending on your needs. With this personalization level, doing bunny hops, making a selection of weapons, or other scroll activities will be as easy as clicking on the mouse. 

Optical Sensor and Optical Switch

The Razer Basilisk is made to do smart tracking with Razor Focus + 20k DPI Optical Sensor. Unlike the old sensors, which had to be manually calibrated when switching to a new surface that affects the game and its accuracy, the Razor Basilisk with its Focus+ Optical Sensor does this automatically, ensuring that lift-off distance and accuracy remains consistent. 

Another great feature is the optical switch which generates the response time in 0.2 milliseconds while you are playing a game, which is actually three times faster than any traditional switch. At 70 million clicks, the Razor Basilisk will never let you down. 

Other Advanced Features

No need to worry about the low battery while playing the game. The Basilisk runs efficiently for 100 hours at full charge. Enjoy the smooth movement of the mouse at any surface with 100% PTFE mouse feet- a material used for coating the non-stick pans. 

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