Top 5 E-commerce Packaging Tips

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A person that generates e-commerce sales has many different options when it comes to creating packaging experiences that people will enjoy. Boutique packaging tends to be the best option for people that want to customize cards that can be inserted into these gifts in any way that you want.

1. Use Custom Inserts To Add Value

Once your box is opened by your customer, they are literally your captive audience. You can keep their attention much longer by adding informational brochures, coupons, and stickers that will present your unique value proposition. By customizing these inserts, you can use them creatively, and this extra effort will pay for itself many times over. If you can afford to do so, handwritten notes are very effective, especially for small businesses that want to develop lasting relationships with our customers.

2. Use Your Packaging To Tell Your Brand’s Story

When using e-commerce packaging, you can educate the general public as to why it is important to use this type of material. You can easily convey unique messages on the packaging elements you are using. Your mission statement can be placed inside of the boxes, and you may even want to add a short paragraph as well. By sharing your story with your customers, they can feel closer to you, and will likely want to get your products in the future.

There are so many different types of shipping materials that you can use to convey your mission statement that will be easily seen. When shipping products through the post office, or even UPS, people will see your packaging including those making the delivery. Why not take advantage of this extra exposure?

3. Creatively Brand Unexpected Packaging Elements

You need to start thinking well beyond the boxes that you are creating. You can use materials like inserts from plastic core suppliers, shredded filler, tissue paper, and even packaging tape that will focus on your brand. E-commerce packaging can be obtained for a sizable discount, all the while used in the most creative ways. You can choose materials like the tape you will be using with your brand colors; all of your custom printed items can be enticing, but be careful because it can get expensive.

4. Connect With Consumers for Product Reviews

For e-commerce retailers, product reviews that are placed online can represent the lifeblood of your entire business. People are often looking for comments about products they would like to buy. You can also insert stickers, or even an insert, into the products you are selling to request customer feedback. Simply place your URL on this packaging material, or even use QR codes if possible.

5. Use Innovative And Sustainable Packaging

As you probably know, sustainability sells. Eco-friendly e-commerce packaging really is the way to go. You could use bile plastic, or even products that are 100% constructed from recycled cardboard, yet whenever you choose make sure that it helps the planet in some way. You can purchase paper backing materials that utilize wildflower seeds which can contribute even more to how green the planet can grow. You can partner together with not only the people that supply you with the packaging but also your customers, to help the environment.

The most expensive products that you are going to create packaging for should use this recycled material. Product packaging and wrapping, when using these materials, can be very decorative, yet will also be beneficial for the life of people and animals on the planet. You can use ceramic vessels and gorgeous glass items to create candles that could act as storage containers or planters for things that you want to grow. Fabric bags with custom printed sayings can also be produced, plus they can subsequently be used as jewelry holders, makeup bags, and many other items.

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