Top Wearable Tech Trends

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Anyone who’s been an avid technology buff, is always on the lookout for enhanced varieties of different gadgets they use. The wearable technology is one such division that’s become huge off late, owing to the fascinating innovations that continue to keep the industry exciting.

Befitting Technology

An emerging development that integrates everyday activities with cutting-edge technology, the Wearable technology is ideal for changing and active lifestyles and is best worn on a small body part that focuses on keeping a track of and improving your health, overall well-being and physical fitness.

The Personal Connect

The wearable technology is no longer alien to its users and has become an essential aspect of active lifestyles. Having grown remarkable in recent year, the intelligent wearable devices are perfect samples of how advanced technologies are integrated with everyday consumables and most of these wearables have been designed for healthcare, which is the biggest crowd puller for the smart wearables.

The Latest in WT (wearable technology)

With the most common variants being smart jewellery, smart rings, smart watches, small screens, exercise trackers and smart clothes, there’s a lot more out there to intrigue and amaze you!

  • Ōura Ring and Motiv Ring – are essentially smart rings that are less obvious than a smart watch and have more or less the same features. Ōura offers the user a personal activity target that’s attuned daily, keeping a track of overall movements on a daily basis, steps, calorie burns and integrates all this information to balance your training and recovery period. It includes various sensors like a 3D accelerometer, body temperature sensors, an infrared optical pulse measurement and gyroscope.
  • The Motiv ring integrates your heart rate, fitness and sleep monitoring features with online security characteristics that protect your identity. It also automatically measures and tracks your activity progress, and adjusts your daily goals with your weekly goals.
  • Wearable Speakers – are basically worn around the neck for an immersive audio experience and often come included with a microphone that connects to your mobile through Bluetooth, also serving as your personal assistant. Sony has now launched SRS-WS1, its immersive wearable speaker that offers surround sound features in a custom format. This is distinct from other speakers in a way that it will have a wireless receiver that can connect to your cable television to transmit the audio wirelessly. It can also be connected to a tablet, PC or smartphone, albeit using a cable that comes with the device.
  • Bellabeat – is actually a leaf device styled as smart jewelry which can be used as a pendant or bracelet and a brooch! Created especially for women, the device can monitor sleep, activity, and track wellness, incorporates the menstrual cycle tracking mechanism, breathing exercises, and other interesting aspects with discreet alarms as well. The company now has the first bottle of water powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Coros Omni – is a smart bike helmet that allows cyclists to listen to their favorite numbers while riding, take calls, and navigate with GPS. Its ‘bone conduction’ technology transforms sounds into vibrations that send it through the cheekbones, rather than the eardrums, allowing a cyclist to hear high-quality audio and yet be able to hear other external sounds. The helmet also includes the usual features of any health app and also comes with a light sensor that activates an LED safety light in the dark.
  • Athos Smart Clothes – are specifically created for bodybuilding athletes, users of CrossFit, weight lifting, and other strength-based training. Their special shorts, tees, and leggings are in-built with EMG (electromyography) and motion tracking sensors that record every muscle movement and contraction.
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