PMP Certification Is the Ultimate Career Path as Perceived

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Yes, you read it right. PMP certification is not that accreditation which you just achieve once to reap benefits for the lifetime. Instead, it is a constant learning path, which not only helps you gain knowledge about the latest trends while acquainting you with evolving techniques for effective management & completion of the project, but it also aids you to earn PDUs (professional development units) to retain your PMP certification through events, seminars, and courses. 

However, in order to attain PMP certification one is assessed based on 5E’s of project management competence, including Education for Eligibility, Experience, Examination, Ethics, and Education for Certification Maintenance.

There is no denying the fact that PMP certification provided by PMI (Project Management Institute) is a worldwide upheld accreditation with ISO/IEC 17024. It is credible in over 85 countries, expanding the career opportunities for project management professionals. 

Apart from widening the horizon for project manager, PMP training in Boston enables candidates to earn 20% more than non-certified contenders, as well as make them a preferred choice among the employers. While PMP certification benefits are plenty for pursuers, it is equally advantageous for organizations. 

How do companies profit from hiring PMP certified professionals?

  • Value addition:

Whether the project manager has attained the certification through an online PMP course or classroom training, they develop strong competencies, assuring the company that their business project is in the right hands. Having a certified PMP professional onboard adds value to the organization. 

  • Successful project delivery: 

There are numerous reasons why a project fails, ranging from monetary concerns, inadequate resources, unrealistic timelines, and inability to meet client requirements. Assigning the project to a PMP certified project manager guarantees that there will be fewer setbacks and higher probability of success. With the best project management practices in their cache, greater insights, and confidence, the certified managers take full ownership of the project.

  • Enhanced work culture:

When a team is led by competent project manager having extensive experience and mindful tactics for any & every challenge, the employees are exposed to intuitive environment. They learn effective methods and are inspired by the dedication of their leader. This in turn improves the overall work culture. 

As you set on the path to amplify the career opportunities, you can either opt for PMP certification in Austin or PMP training in Washington for classroom and online programs or even take up online PMP course offered by Vinsys. Having a course advisor with 20+ years of experience in project management training & consulting, you can rest assured that you will be well-prepared for your PMP exam. 

Do note that PMP certification is just the beginning. With ever-changing industrial scenario and rapid digitalization, new trends are emerging. Project management professionals need to stay updated with the latest happenings in the market, hence attend various events, seminars, and programs to develop new skills. 

Emerging project management trends

  • Project Management Approaches

As everything is going fast-paced, project nature has also shifted from elaborated version to agile mode. Now the focus is on priority based iterations instead of full-fledged planning. Project philosophy is evolving, with importance being given to handling technology advancement while meeting dynamic requirements and providing value to the client.

In order to meet these objectives, an array of methodologies from waterfall to agile, spiral to continual development, and extreme programming to scrum framework are at the dispense of project managers. Knowing which one is the best fit for the project or whether it requires a hybrid methodology is elemental in project management role. Hence, project managers having PMP training in Boston should understand and stay updated with the latest approaches.

  • Significance of Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence or AI is gaining traction in project management field. Organizations are incorporating automation in order to optimize the performance of various aspects, minimize human dependency, and consistent implementation regardless of distractions. 

Automation is now vital in industries involving hazardous processes or requiring high precision. Being aware about these automation and simulation tools has become a part & parcel of a project manager’s job, as they help them analyze risks and take informed decisions for the success of complex projects. 

  • New Project Management Tools

PMP certified managers make use of various project management tools for planning, scheduling, and time tracking. There are tools for communication and collaboration as well. Working with these tools make it easier to monitor project progress. 

Identifying the gaps in budget and timeline using the latest project management tools make the overall process effective. Being familiar with these tools adds value to the role of project manager as well as the vendor and company. 

  • Virtual Team Management & Collaboration Tools

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the globe, the working culture of organizations has revolutionized. Firms have shifted to work from home/anywhere model. As a result, most of the team is working remotely, and importance of collaboration tools for virtual team management has gained traction. 

In order to ensure effective communication within the team, project managers should be comfortable with innovative tools like Skype for Business, Zoom, Slack, and Blue Jeans. Moreover, companies are deploying cold-storage tools & platforms to store as well as share various documents within the team. Gaining expertise in collaboration and cloud-storage tools will help PMP managers in streamlining the remote management of project, while ensuring constant skill development. 

  • Advent of Data Analytics 

As data analytics is spreading its wings across a plethora of verticals, even project management is not untouched. Project managers, being the decision makers, are emphasizing of attaining insights from data analysis and taking reliable decisions to better manage the project. 

Using historic data, project managers with PMP certification in Austin can draw conclusions whether the selected approach is correct or not, if some other methodology will work better, or what efforts are to be made to meet the defined budget and timeline of the project. 

Other trends which are being appreciated and finding their place in project management include Emotional Intelligence and Cyber Security. 

It is worth mentioning that one should keep reminding themselves that Project Management is a journey, one which bears the sweetest if right amount of efforts are put in with determination as the seed. Be it online PMP course or classroom contact training, your hard work is what takes you a long way!

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