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Web Development Terms: Explained!

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What does web development mean to you? Perhaps not an awful lot, and who can blame you! Web development is a bit of a blind spot for most people and isn’t exactly one of the core subjects taught in schools. Here’s a guide from Thunderbolt Digital, a full-service digital agency based in Surrey that offers a wide range of marketing and web services. This will help get you up to speed with some basic development terms so that you can start to close the gap in your knowledge and impress your web designers and developers!


Wireframes is likely to be something that crops up early in the development process, and is part of the design process, too. A wireframe is a skeleton of your website. Put simply, all it does is show you the basic structure of a page. This means there won’t be any pretty colours, imagery, or animation and you will need to go into this part of the process with an open mind! This may seem a tad tedious. But it’s really important for your designer to map out the layout of the pages so they can start designing. And so that the developers have a clear roadmap of what to build and where.


This term can take many forms, but it basically means testing! The official term is ‘Quality Assurance’ and this will take place near to the end of your project. There will likely be two QA phases; internal and external. Internal QA is done within the development team and this is to make sure everything runs as it should do. External QA is done by you. This means you are given the chance to check the site is running as you expected it to, and flag any errors you may find. With the best web designers Surrey has to offer there won’t be any! Once the site passes these two forms of QA you are ready to go live!

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We’re getting a little more technical now! Hosting is something you may never have even considered as a pivotal part of the web development process, but, alas, it is. Hosting is where your website will live, and you’re likely to use some kind of hosting provider to do this. There are different types of hosting, like cloud-based for example, but that’s perhaps more than you need to know currently. A hosting provider will upload your website files to one of their servers and this will mean people on the web will be able to find and use them. Obviously, it’s a little more complicated than that but that’s the gist. 

Hopefully, you feel a little more up to date, and not overwhelmed! You’re in safe hands with the best web designers Surrey has to offer, and now you can follow the process of web development with ease!

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