Weblium: Great Opportunities For Marketers

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Multitasking and limited budgets make it extremely important for any marketer to find the tools that are highly effective and easy to use.

The good news: there are a lot of such tools, but most importantly, you can find the best of them in one place where you can effectively test any ideas and get highly accurate results.

This place is Weblium, the progressive website builder — the all-in-one website-building and marketing tool, helping you easily and quickly create effective websites, connect with customers, create personalized messages for users, customize email-marketing campaigns and much more!

Let’s discuss the main reasons why Weblium is an extremely useful online platform for marketers and how do you create a website.

A perfect tool for creating landing pages and effectively testing your ideas

The LP is one of the best tools to test demand for a specific offer. But each idea (and sometimes even a different type of target audience!) requires creating a separate landing page.

Even if all your friends are web developers, that won’t help you.

In this case, Weblium is a good solution: you can easily and quickly build landing pages yourself almost for free (or even absolutely free by choosing a free Weblium plan).

Weblium offers a huge list of opportunities for creating effective landing pages:

• high-quality design and well-thought-out structure of templates;

• advanced possibilities for customizing the design of templates (for example, you can create several unique one-pagers using just one template you like);

• a simple, intuitive visual editor that won’t require you to waste time learning how it works;

• basic SEO settings to start attracting customers immediately after launching the site;

• high page load speed;

• mobile-first design;

• modern marketing and analytics tools.

Huge choice of site integrations

If you’re an experienced marketer, you might have some favorite tools for automating customer interactions and managing internal business processes that you are used to working with.

In this case, when creating a website with Weblium, you can use the admin panel to select and integrate a huge number of third-party services that you may need:


• Google Analytics;

• Google Tag Manager;

• Yandex.Metrica;

• Facebook Pixel;

• Hotjar.


• LiveChat;

• JivoSite;


Advanced tools and CRMs:

• Mailchimp;

• amoCRM;

• Zapier;

• Bitrix24;

• Telegram;

• AWeber;

• Webhooks;

• UniSender;


• eSputnik.

Create lead forms easily — and manage them the same easy way

Create professional, customizable forms without HTML skills: feedback forms, newsletter subscription forms, order forms, authorization, and registration forms — and many other types of them.

Using the “form management” section in the Weblium admin panel, you can easily access all replies from your website’s contact forms — messages, emails, phone numbers, etc.

Create and configure pop-ups

Pop-ups are a great way to show your offer to a visitor — and to remind about it at the most appropriate time. When used correctly, pop-ups are a valuable marketing tool: their conversion rates can be as high as 40 +%.

Weblium offers one of the best out-of-the-box pop-up tools, with highly customizable pop-up options.

Built-in site analytics

The “Site Statistics” section displays the number of completed contact forms, who viewed your site more often during a certain period of time, which pages are most popular, what are the main sources of traffic on the site, and so on.

Using this data, you can tailor your content to your audience’s expectations, understand what attracts visitors’ attention most, and rework less-popular pages to increase their traffic.

Advanced design customization options

No one could deny that web design is the #1 factor that determines the visitor’s interest in your website.

All Weblium templates are made based on an in-depth study of the specific business niche to which they belong (250+ templates are categorized for your convenience in the Weblium editor).

Each template incorporates the best features of the world’s top sites: the design follows the most current web design trends, and the structure of each template is perfect for such type of a site.

But you are free to experiment with the design and modify it to fit your needs. Weblium encourages such experiments by offering advanced design customization options.

You can change the appearance of each block of the site design and each individual element – starting with the background color and ending with the font size. You can easily change the design beyond recognition in just a couple of hours!

If you don’t have web design experience, don’t worry: the built-in AI assistant will automatically fix all your mistakes.

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