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How To Meet The Increased Demand For Website Accessibility In 2022

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People are no stranger to the dependability of website development services for basic necessities in the year 2022. 

With the advancement of technology, increase in access to the internet in terms of numerical values as well as greater user interface and engagement, web accessibility demand has increased by leaps and bounds. 

With an increase in demand, companies strive to solve issues arising in website accessibility. 

There are cases where companies require a sudden spike in bounce rates to monitor a problem related to the accessibility and usability of a website. 

In recent years, the demand has increased tremendously which has eventually revealed the large number of businesses that were unprepared to cater to this demand.

Especially in the time of COVID-19 when people are restricted to their homes, their dependence on the internet for the most basic requirements witnessed an exponential increase. 

Though many custom web development company and app development company handled this demand effectively, there were some that were unprepared to handle this load for their services and products. 

Sadly, the unprepared businesses outnumber the prepared ones. Another major thing to be noticed is how these websites are highly inaccessible. 

Though people are trying hard to manage the accessibility of their websites, their poor vision led to business losses and failures.

Situations like this give a deep dig into the places where inexperience and human biases affect the development of digital products and services. Website inaccessibility is mainly caused due to a number of reasons. 

First of all, it happens if testing is not done properly during the design and development phase. 

Testing in a normal environment using computer devices is a must. Other reasons may consist of a lack of feedback, inaccessibility to automated tools, and so on.

Steps To Meet The Increased Demand For Website Accessibility

In the present scenario, increased demand for website accessibility can be met urgently using the following mentioned steps:

  1. Plan The Details
  2. Wake-Up Call Because Of Inaccessible Websites
  3. Investing In Skills And Produces That Can Work In-House
  4. Plan From The Beginning

1. Plan The Details

It is very important to go into the details so the web pages are accessible to all types of people. 

According to a survey, among the top 100 websites that are ranked by Alexa, 98.1% of the websites’ home pages were detected with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 failure, and 97.8 failures were detected on the sub-pages. 

These numbers say a lot about how even the best custom web development companies have overlooked going into the details. 

If all the content on the website is not accessible then that is something that will create problems for users as well as the business. 

There are many reasons for this and the most important one is not planning the content details and not updating the pages time-to-time.

These websites often overlook small problems related to content accessibility because they think that it will not have much impact but now it does. In the post-COVID era, most of the business will have to run online and that has even started as of now. Users have come online and they wish that they can access everything that they need on the website. 

All the content, irrespective of the importance, should be there. If it is on the page it means that it needs to be available for use. 

There are many features and images that are not accessible as well. These problems can be solved by putting proper planning into the details.

Website development services need to understand what their visitors or subscribers want in order to provide them with good content. 

Research is the best way to solve most of the problems and to provide exactly what the users want. 

Improvements can be made only when the website developers and content makers analyze and find out the problems. 

There can be no improvement if there is no guide. No matter how skilled the developers are, they cannot work properly if there is no guidance provided to them. 

Plan the details by analyzing the requirements and inaccuracies and then implement them in a proper timely manner.

2. Wake-Up Call Because Of Inaccessible Websites

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a wake-up call for many websites. Not everyone has high-speed internet connections but they too want to access websites in their best form. 

It was seen that many websites that were very essential and were used frequently during the lockdown were not as accessible as the users wanted them to be. 

After the lockdown was implemented, many businesses and educational institutions were forced to work from home. 

This was also a problem because they all sent their employees to their homes without providing them with a setup that could help them with accessing their website and virtual work environment efficiently.

This shows that most websites are inaccessible. This is a red-alert and that is why website owners need to make efforts to provide the equipment and also a stay-at-home response system. 

These are the things that will make websites accessible and useful to users. These inaccuracies and errors will affect websites negatively and those that do not pay attention to these things might face a downfall in the coming time. 

There are hurdles for sure but this is the time when website developers need to remove them and make their website compatible for all users for a long time. If everything is going to be digital then it should be easy to access. 

Pages should not crash, and content should not be half-baked or partially accessible. All the components of the websites should work as per the requirements of users and the devices that are needed to access them should be provided to the users.

Create a user-friendly interface and make sure that even people with disabilities can access everything on the website. 

Web development companies can hire dedicated developers to create better websites. It might also require the employees to learn new things, and this will make sure that they are gelled up properly to the new digital environment. 

This is what will help them to keep everything working properly. There are many problems that arise because the providers are not properly trained for the things that they are providing. 

Because this is all new for many people, the need for training is even more. This will add to the quality of the services provided to the users and will make the website usable. This is also something that will solve the problem faster.

3. Investing In Skills And Produces That Can Work In-House

Developers will be able to build better projects when an ample amount of time and resources are provided to them. 

It also gives them enough time to think and create something innovative. There are some basic yet important skills that developers need to possess. 

These skills must be acquired easily and be affordable so no individual can face financial challenges in learning them. 

Some of these in-house skills and procedures include education, training, assumptions removal, studying user behavior, and so on.

4. Plan From The Beginning

The websites/applications or full stack development services that are still in the initial phases can save themselves from these problems and stay safe. 

One thing that can save them is planning right from the beginning. There is no alternative to proper planning and then working on the plan in the manner that was decided. 

One more thing that can be clubbed with planning is how the teams are going to manage the risks that might arise during the development process or after the process ends. 

Both of these things together will ensure that everything on websites and applications is working as per expectations. Let’s take a look at the things that need to be done:

  • Gather The Requirements
  • Proper Methodologies Required
  • Knowing The Risk Factor
  • Research Is A Must
  • Quality Assurance

Gather The Requirements

This can be done by researching what target users want. This needs time, and this is what will create a base for the website, app, or full-stack development services. 

These requirements, if fulfilled accurately, will do most of the work for the developers. The only thing to keep in mind is that it should be done properly and carefully.

Proper Methodologies Required

There should be proper methodologies for testing and these can be developed by the website development services by themselves. 

This is done to confirm if the requirements that were gathered are getting fulfilled properly or not.

Knowing The Risk Factor

There will be moments where organizations need to change their plans and to tackle this, they have to be ready. They can analyze this with a proper risk analysis.

Research Is A Must

Research is not just important for the development of the back-end and to know what to provide to the users but also for the UI/UX design. 

This is the part that has improved a lot in the past year and now users are paying attention to it more than ever. 

Developers need to find the best UI/UX designs to make sure that users stay on their websites to explore it. 

If a user doesn’t like the UI/UX they might leave the website without even going through it properly.

Quality Assurance

Ensure that there is a proper quality assurance process that makes sure that the website has the highest standard.


Accessibility testing has become the most important aspect to determine a website’s usage and its online presence. 

The way people are being dependent on the internet, it is important to keep businesses ready for a heavy load and management of risks. 

Ignoring the above-mentioned factors can result in the difficulty or inability of common people to use an app. 

This year has posed the challenge of accessibility to many businesses and they must work accordingly to maintain their potential customers and business prosperity.

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