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Why Does Website Migration Affect Search Results?

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Changing the structure, content, and layout can affect a website’s visibility both to humans and also to the search engines.  This is an important step in doing a complete makeover to the website so as to boost its rankings among search engine crawlers. In the case of humans, images, in mind, can be everlasting. Thus associating the new website with something trendy while keeping its original flavour intact can skyrocket its popularity. This helps gain more conversions among a newer demographic.

Why does migrating your website affect search results?

Breaking down the factors behind website migration, we can narrow down the reasons why migration affects SEO:

  1. Changes to the website:

In a website migration, heavy work is done on changing the overall look of the website while keeping the feel the same old. Changes might be introduced in the form of the overall layout, the textual content, visual content, pop-ups, advertisement placements and many more. These changes are heavily stressed on during the launching of the new website so as to prompt existing customers to check out the new features as well as inducing the new customers to get a look at this new vamped experience.

  1. Changes to the platform:

Platforms play a very important role in the visibility of any website or content. Different platforms have different bases of people that have unique characteristics, wants and needs. Changing the platform can induce a greater reach that might be unique from the bases on another platform. This, in turn, induces heavy conversion amongst platforms and among consumer bases that have very different tastes yet are linked by differentiated marketing. Also, optimizing mobile versions of the website to function smoothly can have a greater effect on SEO. Not everyone has access to PCs and laptops all the time, but implementing proper website migration on an OTG platform like the mobile is sure to turn some heads.

  1. Changes to the demographic:

When a plethora of new consumer bases start pouring into a migrated website, it can make up for all of its lost traffic. The new hits on the website keep triggering the Search Engine Page Results and other crawlers to provide undivided attention to the page, thereby helping it climb the ranks. This is a result of proper Search Engine optimization. Now, as the target demographic of the website has widened, the migrated website would be subtly advertised to all the similar age groups, genders and focus groups across all platforms.

  1. Changes in link building and redirection:

When a website is migrated, there is a lot of work to do with the links. They are to be migrated from the previous domain to the current domain without fail or error.  As for Backlinks on other websites, the moderators of the websites are to be contacted and notified of the change in the domain and asked to redirect the Backlinks to the migrated websites. As the target demographic has changed, the links would be now targeted to in similar groups in other websites, thus approaching every business opportunity it would have in those groups. This enforces backlink building.

  1. Changes in competitor keyword usage:

Keyword ranking and competition is a major part of Search engine optimization. After the website migration, the first thing to do to bring in traffic and push for visibility is researching competitor keyword usage so as to get the attention of SERP crawlers that helps you push your ranks in the Search Engine Page Results based on your relevance in the game.


Migrating a website can make or break a business. It is an important part of SEO re-engineering and thus should be handled by professionals who can eliminate all leaks, reinforce the strengths and provide the best website migration experience.

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