How To Use Running For Weight Loss: Plan For Beginners

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Regular physical activity is essential if you are trying to shed those extra pounds. What could be better than running? It not only helps in reducing weight but also is an excellent stress buster. Running increases blood circulation refreshes our mind, and helps in preventing numerous diseases. Running does not require any equipment. You just need to tie your laces, strengthen your willpower, and you are ready to go. 

If you are a runner, running for weight loss might not be that difficult for you. However, if you are a non-runner or used to run earlier, then starting running for weight loss might not be that easy. But it’s not impossible. You need to have a plan and a determination to follow it. Running regularly, along with a healthy diet, will give you positive results in reducing weight. 

In this article, we have given a step by step running plan for beginners. It is very simple, and easy to follow. Be committed to this plan, and you will be able to enjoy numerous benefits of running.

1. Begin With Walk

If you are a beginner in the world of running, then it’s better you start your journey with a walk. Walking is much comfortable in comparison to running. Walking for a few days would work as a warm-up before running. Compared to running, walking puts lesser stress on muscles, joints, and bones. But, regular walking would make your muscles and joints stronger. A regular walk will prepare your body for running. After all, a baby also learns to crawls first before he/she starts walking. 

Walking is essential but sometimes, long outdoor walking can cause problems with the feet if you don’t wear the right shoes. Walking and running involves a great amount of feet activity and it can put some extra pressure on your feet if the shoes aren’t supportive. So, in order to keep them relaxed, you need to wear shoes that are comfy, supportive, and flexible. Loom lightweight flexible shoes are among the best that you can choose for this purpose. They are waterproof, breathable, and wouldn’t let your feet sore and legs tired all day long.

Depending on your body, you can begin your journey with walking or a combination of running or walking both. Try not to put too much pressure on your body in the initial phase. With passing time, slowly and steadily increase your running time over walking. Continue increasing the gap between running and walking until your body gets comfortable with running only. 

2. Set Your Goal Weight

If your aim of running is weight reduction, then setting a weight-loss goal is very important. At the beginning, set easy and achievable goals. A goal would give you an idea about how much weight you want to lose and within how many days. This way, you can work out a strategy of your own and work accordingly. 

Try to expand your vision and set a goal beyond weight loss. Try to include other factors like reduction in body measurement and fat loss. Your goal would act as a motivating factor. You can measure your achievements using a measuring tape and a weighing scale. 

3. Increase Distance Gradually Day By Day

Once your body gets used to running, run every other day. In the initial stages of running the recovery time needed by your body will be more than a day. Pushing your body too hard might result in an injury. Therefore, limit your running to 2-3 days per week. 

Running is not a magic wand, getting desirable results would take some time. Hence, increase your distance progressively. The change in your training should be slow and gradual. Either make your run a little bit harder or make them longer. A drastic change will put lots of strain on your joints, muscles, and bones. When changing your workout and running routine, we highly recommend using a “workout recovery tool“, like the well-known Exogun, to enhance your performance and boost your recovery! If you are having problems adding more miles to your running schedule, try starting with a walk, then run and finish with walking. 

The most commonly used rule in the running is not to increase the running time or distance by 10% within a gap of 1 week. 

4. Consider Running Reward

For some people, setting a goal might not be sufficient, it is the reward that they have decided for themselves that keep them motivated. The prize can be your favorite cookie, a donut, etc. or a new top, dress, etc. When it comes to food as a reward, many a time, people end up intaking more calories than what they have burnt while running. So try rewarding yourself with things that could cause you more harm. 

An easy way to avoid getting caught in such kind of reward battle is by considering your running itself as a reward. Consider running as a way to move out of your house, enjoy natural beauty, have fresh air, etc. As a result, you can enjoy your running more. Once you start enjoying running, you will be self-motivated to run every day.  Hence, look for ways to make running a fun-filled task. 

5. Also, Make a Diet Plan

If you are determined to lose weight, then only running might not be sufficient. Having control over what you eat is also very important. The golden rule of losing weight by running is the intake of calories should be less than the calories burnt while running. Simple. Actually, there is a catch to it. Running, like other physical activities, tend to increase appetite. Hence, the difficulty arises when your appetite starts increasing. You need to be very careful about what you eat to thrive your hunger.

If you want to lose weight, having a diet plan is very important. You can make your own diet plan or even take professional help. To fasten the process of weight loss, you can also ask for a phentermine prescription“. 

6. Starting Make Running Week Chart

Even before you start running, you need to prepare a running schedule or a weekly chart. You can begin by developing a running schedule for a month. Make a detailed plan. Give a lot of thought to your running chart. Remember, your chart should contain details including rest days, gradual change from walking to running, progressive increase in miles, etc. 

Running is not rocket science. With determination and will power, you can not only learn running but would also be able to achieve your weight loss goal.  

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