What is a Power BI?

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Business intelligence professionals have been successfully experimenting with Power BI over the last few years. This tool has proved particularly useful in the arenas of marketing, finance, sales, operations, and human resources. Naturally, many companies wish to hire such experienced experts. However, these experts can come into being only after IT professionals go in for acquiring Power BI certification.

A Briefing about Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft’s gift to the world! It is part of the package titled Power Platform, wherein Microsoft Flow and Power Apps are included too. However, Power BI is most popular. It refers to a range of applications and services, which are compatible with the cloud platform. Even the interface is user friendly. Therefore, an organization gains valuable insights regarding employees’ performances and company operations. In turn, this enables informed and timely decision-making.


They give strength to Power BI. 

  • Power Q & A refers to a question and answer engine. The user may frame his/her queries about concerned data in simple language.
  • Power Query indicates a data connection tool. It permits the user to enhance, transform, and combine data from diverse sources.
  • Power Map, a visualization tool, helps in creating engrossing 3D visuals.
  • Power View is another tool for visualizing data. It also assists in generating interactive maps, charts, and graphs. The user may create attention-grabbing visuals too.
  • Power Pivot refers to a data-modeling tool, useful for setting up data models.


It helps that Power BI bonds with diverse sources of data. They include databases, cloud-based applications, Excel spreadsheets, and on-premise applications. The software offers several benefits to businesses.

  • Users are happy to access powerful and regularly updated algorithms on this cloud-based platform. They also have access to superb intelligence capabilities.
  • Users can use personalization features for creating customized dashboards. Therefore, they may reach requisite data easily. 
  • Navigation is easy, thanks to the presence of a user-friendly and intuitive interface. 
  • Users may set up alerts on KPIs (key performance indicators). This will help them remain updated with relevant measurements and metrics.
  • Power BI is friendly with both business management tools and non-Microsoft products.
  • Power BI can absorb and process humongous quantities of data.
  • Power BI has machine-learning features built into it. Their analysis of input data helps organizations to identify useful trends and predict future marketplace trends.
  • Easy-to-handle templates come into play for presenting data.
  • Above all, Power BI keeps data safe by monitoring both internal and external access to it. 

Power BI Certification

You will have no difficulty in moving through the training session if well-qualified tutors are in place. Then again, you will also have access to useful study materials. Since the course is an online one, you will be able to opt for self-paced or blended learning. The former permits you to adhere to your comfort level. After all, not all learners can cope with everything so easily. The latter is a combination of self-paced learning, interactive classroom sessions, and personal mentoring. 

At the end of the training, you will have to appear for the Power BI examination. Microsoft conducts it. Now, you will have to do very well if you wish to acquire your certificate. Therefore, it would be good to attempt a practice paper first, such that you gain in confidence. 

The Power BI MCQ questions in the practice test are similar but not the same as those, which will show up in the real exam paper. You will have to tackle five multiple-choice questions within 10 minutes. The answers demand that you bring all your knowledge about Power BI to the fore. Now, it would be good to finish the practice test at one go. However, if you wish to take a break, you may do so. However, you may not go back to the questions that you have already attempted. Similarly, you may not expect to receive extra time to complete the remaining ones. 

The idea of giving a practice test paper is to grant you the courage to tackle the challenges of a real exam. It is not a guarantee of your success/failure in the real test. In case you fail, you may retake the examination. You may re-appear as many times as you want. However, make sure that you re-learn all the concepts before attempting these repeats.

Career Opportunities

Should you become a qualified business intelligence professional, what are the jobs that you may apply for?

Business Intelligence Developer

Your task would be to design and develop solutions and tools, which diverse services and applications may use. In this regard, you are no different from an ordinary software developer. However, you are good at converting establishment needs into specifications. By improving upon and expanding business intelligence platforms, you allow users to meet their needs.

Business Analyst

It is your responsibility to comprehend what the business needs first. Then, you must model requisite data, as well as analyze it. This is the technical side of the job. On the business front, you must work on and recommend intelligent solutions, such that the organization can attain maximum value from available data. You must also supply regular and detailed reports about everything.

Data Analyst

Your duties include modeling data, analyzing it, and generating reports. The comprehensible reports are the outcomes of insights that you gain by working on the available data. In turn, the company can work out action plans for growing the business.

Business Intelligence Architect

The main tasks of managing and analyzing data suffice to bring about improved and effective decision-making. You must also develop data structures for enabling the company’s diverse platforms to use the information to advantage. You are responsible for managing data warehouses, storage infrastructure, and keeping databases highly organized. 

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