What Is BIGO LIVE? How To Use It For Your Business?

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Video is huge, and it’s getting bigger. The meteoric rise of TikTok, coupled with the long-time success of apps like YouTube and Discord, has prompted more and more platforms to develop video streaming features. A number of features have led to the current popularity of video, including:

  • The ubiquity of smart phones and mobile devices
  • The accessibility of video as a medium
  • The rise of Internet celebrities and influencers using video

Turning digital marketing strategies toward video is becoming increasingly more attractive for businesses, especially during the COVID-19 era. There are many ways the new normal is impacting the approach to digital marketing. For one, video content, especially live video content, is giving businesses a way to connect with customers in real-time from the comfort of their own homes. Just think of the proliferation of Instagram Live events at the beginning of many people’s quarantine.

Live video streaming platforms, such as BIGO LIVE, provide a format for many businesses to begin to expand their marketing strategies into the new frontier of video. Before discussing how you can use BIGO for your business, it should be in your best interest to know what BIGO LIVE is and explore some of its features. 


Developed by David Li and Jason Hu, BIGO LIVE is an immensely popular video streaming application. It’s owned by Singapore-based BIGO Technology, which was recently acquired by Chinese giant JOYY. You can access its vibrant community through this BIGO LIVE review, which features some of the most popular content on the site.

The app is available for iOS and Android, and features a proprietary artificial intelligence that helps users engage with the app and one another during live streams. Users have the option to send their favorite streamers in-app gifts that can be monetized, allowing popular broadcasters to make money from their shows.

What Features Does BIGO Have?

What can you expect to find on BIGO?  Unlike specialized game streaming platforms, such as Discord, BIGO isn’t restricted to one specific interest group. The platform is notable for the variety of BIGO LIVE shows it provides, accessing a wide range of viewers and communities.

 The main categories of live shows on BIGO include the following:

  • Musicians And Singers – Live shows featuring singing and music performances have become immensely popular, allowing musically-minded influencers to create a concert-like ambience using their smartphones’ built-in camera and microphone. 
  • Dancing – Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably picked up on some of the TikTok dance crazes electrifying younger generations. The draw of dance has its place on BIGO as well.
  • PK – One unique feature of BIGO is the PK category, which features two or more broadcasters competing via live stream. This format could involve a singing or dance battle or a kind of puzzle, and is an immensely exciting way for users and broadcasters to interact. 
  • Gaming – Video game streaming has also become an immensely popular activity online, and BIGO, too, has a spot to host avid gamers looking to share their struggles and victories. 
  • Multi-Guest Rooms – In addition to streaming shows and competitions, BIGO provides multi-guest rooms as a way for users to connect with one another via a relevant topic, whether they want to discuss the latest game or their last relationship.
  • Education – Even online education has made its debut on BIGO!  Many educators give lessons via live stream, instructing viewers on English language skills, among other things. 

How Can BIGO Help Your Business?

Live video streaming platforms, like BIGO, are extremely versatile, and there are many ways that they can help your company’s marketing efforts. Any comprehensive digital marketing strategy should be aware of the advantages of live streaming platforms. These include:

  • Accessibility – The majority of Internet users nowadays prefer video content over blog content, and live video content is considered even more personal and accessible. Potential customers can interact with your brand from their handheld devices and from the comfort of their own home.
  • Familiarity — Live streaming services provide users with a strong sense of personal connection, and this can translate into a powerful connection to your brand. By interacting face-to-face with influencers or employees who represent your brand (at least via a video stream), customers will feel more comfortable and familiar with your brand, presenting the potential for them to develop strong brand loyalty. 
  • Reach New Markets – BIGO is immensely popular throughout South East Asia, South America, the Middle East, and parts of Europe. It has over 350 million users globally and may help your business reach audiences on the other side of the world. Furthermore, unlike conventional email-based marketing, video streaming gives you a chance to connect with customers you might not otherwise consider reaching out to. 
  • Endorsements – The power of celebrity is more real than ever, especially now that relatable influencers can be rocketed to stardom through the universal accessibility that social media provides. Having well-known influencers endorse your brand might be a valuable key in attracting new audiences. 

What Can You Do With BIGO?

In addition to the ways that live streaming through BIGO can help your business, there are certain formulas that BIGO is uniquely suited to support. Live streaming provides companies a chance to connect directly to customers, present new products, answer questions, make announcements, as well as provide a behind-the-scene glimpse into the nature of their respective businesses. This gives your business a face, or faces, essentially, that customers can connect to and remember.

BIGO LIVE streaming can support key digital marketing activities, including, but not limited to: 

  • Marketing products
  • Making announcements
  • Q&As
  • Customer support
  • Behind-the-scenes

Live Stream And Connect To The World!

Even as COVID-19 precautions have virtually suspended travel, making the world smaller than ever, technology is giving both businesses and individuals vital ways to widen their world. Just as users can access more information and communities than ever before, so can businesses utilize BIGO LIVE streaming to connect with customers around the world and boost their respective brands in ways never before possible.

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