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Another name of the number plate around the world is a license plate or a vehicle registration plate. The plate of the vehicle refers to its identity card. It hides essential details on a particular vehicle right behind it.

Whether you have faced an accident or your vehicle has been stolen. The vehicle’s number plate will help you in this situation. 

With this number plate, you can get information on vehicle sightings on a particular day or at a specific time. By doing the plate lookup, you can catch the thief or the person responsible for the accident. You can only get such information when you have a license plate. 

Wondering, “what is the best way to make a plate lookup?”. No worries. This article will familiarize you with the plate lookup tool, license plate, lookup process, and importance. Sounds good? Let’s begin to uncover the facts.

What is a License Plate? 

A license plate refers to a metal or a plastic plate containing several letters or alphabets. The primary purpose of this plate/ tag is to reflect the evidence on registration for using a particular vehicle. This is true in a specific region of vehicle usage. You can use this number for better vehicle and vehicle owner identification. This number is unique and does not match any of the vehicles out there. 

You can find the license plate on both the front and back sides of the vehicle. The license plate’s primary purpose is to store vehicle/ users’ essential information. The format that a number plate follows varies around the globe and varies from state to state. In general, it comprises two alphabets followed by two numbers, ultimately followed by three more alphabets.

The first alphabet represents the city or state; the second alphabet represents the information on the postal area. Later the two numbers were used up for age identification. Ultimately, the last three alphabets’ role is to make each car unique. They are random combinations of alphabets solely to meet this purpose. This is all that you need to know regarding the license or number plate. If you want to know more information about your car, you can use the license plate lookup at VinPut.

What are the steps to check the license plate in VinPit? 

Before moving to check the license plate. There are a few things that you need to ensure:

  • The device is similar to the mobile, PC, Tab, or laptop
  • The next thing is the valid and accurate web address of the VinPit tool
  • You also need to make sure that you have access to the highly speedy and consistent network connection
  • In the end, you need to have a license plate number and the compatible search engine/ browser

After you have fulfilled the requirements, you now have to follow three super easy steps that will lead you to the VIN decoding when using VinPit. These steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, visit the main web URL of VinPit. Later find the box featuring a search icon just adjacent to it. After locating the search box on top of it, you will see two options. These include VIN lookup and License plate lookup. Click on the license plate lookup.
  2. This will lead you to a page where you can enter your license plate number. Now start putting in the license plate number within the search box. When you have entered the VIN, click on the search icon.
  3. After this, it starts the report retrieval operation. You only need to wait a few seconds, and the report will be in your download folder.

Can You Look Up License Plates with VIN? 

Yes, you can look up the license plate using your VIN. VIN helps you get in detail information in comparison to the license plate lookup. All the aspects of license plate lookup are in the VIN lookup. To do this, you need to have your VIN. Later you need to access the VinPit VIN lookup tool, enter your VIN, and perform the research. Doing this will represent in front of you the details of the following:

  • Record on Accident if any
  • Manufacturing recalls/ safety recalls
  • License Plate Number
  • Ownership cost, Sale record, and market value
  • Theft Record
  • Detail specifications on engine

Is checking a license plate legal? (300 words)

No, checking the license plate for personal use is not legal. If you do this apart from the investigation procedure, you violate the laws and regulations. You can face severe consequences doing this. If you are an active employee at some organization. They can terminate your license. 

A person who does not have an employee at a law enforcement organization cannot do this. The only way to perform a license plate lookup is to apply for permission. This is only possible when the main concern is vehicle safety from theft or gathering the record of the accident.

Also, it is entirely legal if you are performing the license plate lookup as per driver privacy protection. The cases in which you can ultimately use the license plate lookup without any penalty or fine are:

  • If you belong to the government agency 
  • In case the main concern is vehicle or driver safety
  • When you need to perform a cross-check or verify the vehicle ownership details
  • Truly aligned with the arbitration or proceeding at a court
  • If you are doing some remarkable research activities
  • When getting the insurance for your car, you can do a license plate lookup
  • While providing the notices to car/ vehicle owners whose cars are being towed
  • License security or an investigation department
  • If you are a transportation facility who are validating the vehicle details
  • In case you receive multiple requests, and your task is to respond to those requests from the motor vehicles department
  • If you want to carry out the solicitation, distributing the surveys, or marketing. Feel free to do the license plate lookup
  • While having the permission of the owner to perform the license plate lookup
  • The cases also vary from state to state
  • Employers belonging to different sectors can validate the driver information as per Subtitle VI, US Code Title 49, and Chapter 313


Whether you are heading towards vehicle safety, insurance, theft protection, or verification of particular information, you cannot overemphasize the value of the license plate lookup through the VinPit. The process of license plate lookup will provide transparent information on a particular vehicle.

Look up your license plate using VinPit today. You will find the information in this article truly valuable. We have shared everything we can in this masterpiece. Do you want to share your feedback or need our assistance while license plate lookup? Reach out to us through email or comment below. We will make sure of your complete satisfaction.

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