What skins are in the CS20 case?

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On October 18, 2019, Valve celebrated the 20th anniversary of its legendary franchise with the release of a new CS20 case. Each of the skins presented in this case, to some extent, affects the history of the game. All in all, there are 17 new weapon skins and 13 knife skins in this case. Some of them are real treasures!

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But let’s take a look at the most attractive skins you can find in the CS20 case!

MAG-7 Popdog

This skin is a reference to Train and the creators of the original map, Barking Dog Studios. The name of the skin refers to the inscription (“Where is pop dog?”) that the authors (Apel and Mad Polygon) had left as an Easter egg. You can find it on the clip, but it can be seen only at certain wear classes.

Besides, “pop-dog” is also a point on the map not far from site A. In the Russian-speaking community, it is usually called “up-down”. By the way, you can easily hold it by having the MAG-7 shotgun.

SCAR-20 Assault

This variation of SCAR20 was dedicated to the Assault map, which gained its popularity in CS 1.6. Factory and Apel, the authors of G-99 took the large blue container located there as a basis, and stylized quick firer in a corresponding manner.

Tec-9 Flash Out

As for the Tec-9, everything is simple: this skin resembles the appearance of a CS:GO flash grenade. We should note that one of the previous author’s works (the nickname is “Multihawk”) is PP-Bizon Smoke’em out. Its clip, by the way, looks like a smoke grenade.

MAC10 Classic Crate

Once again, the cases served as inspiration: this time, they were copied from an old version of Dust II. According to the author, Kai123, they were the most memorable thing on the map for him. At first, he wanted to make this skin for MAG-7 but then decided that MAC10 would be a more suitable option.

The developer also added several dates that are important to the history of the game on the Classic Crate. For example, 19.99 is the first Counter-Strike’s beta version release date.

Dual Berettas Elite 1.6

The author of G-99 Factory pursued the goal of recreating the appearance of the Duel Berettas from the original Counter-Strike. He settled on a dark color scheme bordering between black and blue. 

He did not want to distort the original appearance of the pistols, so the work was carried out with deep respect for the original source.

FAMAS Decommissioned

Here is another skin associated with one of the classic CS:GO maps. This time, Kai123 took the Nuke style as a basis. Why did he choose it?

According to the author, he likes its range of colors and elements taken from Half-Life. The design of the item was most influenced by two parts of the old Nuke from 1.6: light blue walls covered with rust and dirt, and a metal floor of the “ramp” near point B.

Glock-18 Sacrifice

This item takes us back in time to 2014. On August 17, there was a match between Team Dignitas and FNATIC, when Olof olofmesiter Kajbjer defused a bomb while taking damage from a Molotov. He managed to do this a second before he died and brought the team victory in a very important round. This happened at the ESL One Cologne Major.

BTW, there’s an inscription on the back: “Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock”. This is how the authors, MutliHawk and S1lent, remind us of how little time olofmeister had then!

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