What to Know About the Pressure Washer Industry

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If you’re thinking about getting started in the pressure washer field, you’re in good company. This is because it’s poised for growth in the near future, thanks to several factors that you should get to know before you open a pressure washer business. As you start researching what steps to take to succeed in this industry—such as getting a business license and liability insurance—take note of some predictions for this field. 

What Kind of Growth Is Expected?

Pressure washer services are expected to be more in demand than ever in the next few years. Apparently, the ability to use water to remove dirt, mud, paint, grease, and other unwanted substances from a variety of surfaces is increasingly seen as advantageous for both commercial and residential properties. 

So it should come as no surprise that experts have predicted exceptional growth for the pressure washer industry. More specifically, this field is likely to grow from $2.5 billion in 2021 to $3 billion by 2026, which is a growth rate of over 4%. This means if you’re considering getting into the pressure washer industry, now is a good time due to the higher demand for services. 

What Kind of Pressure Washer Is Most in Demand?

As you get ready to enter this field, you should be thinking about the many details you’ll need to focus on to become a business owner. Some examples include coming up with a business name, getting pressure washer liability insurance, and obtaining the right equipment. Before you take the last step, you should first know which kind of pressure washers are the most popular so you can buy the best equipment for the job. 

Experts in this industry have found that portable pressure washers are especially popular lately since they’re easier to maneuver anywhere compared to larger, stationary equipment. In fact, the portable pressure washer market should get to $2.3 billion by 2027. So if you’re trying to decide what equipment to buy, make sure portability is one feature you look at. 

You should also look at the pounds per square inch, or PSI, of pressure washers. You’ll want one that is powerful enough to clean numerous types of grime off various surfaces, but not so strong that it causes damage. According to the report linked above, in recent years, the PSI that most people look for is between 3,001 and 6,000. In fact, this currently leads the industry and will make up about 35% of the market share in 2027. 

The second most popular PSI is 6,0001 to 10,000, which tends to be better for the construction industry where extremely high pressure is needed for cleaning. As long as the construction field is still growing, there will continue to be a need for pressure washers that can be used to quickly and effectively clean various surfaces. So think about the amount of power you need—which will depend on the industries you want to serve—before you buy one or more pressure washers for your business.

What’s the Reason Behind the Market Growth?

Another detail to consider is why this market is poised to grow in the next few years. One reason is the increased number of cars and houses coming to the market, all of which have exteriors that need to be cleaned well at some point. Pressure washing happens to be among the fastest, most efficient ways to get rid of grime, as long as the right PSI is used by an experienced pressure washing company. So it makes sense that many people prefer this cleaning method for everything from car and home exteriors to swimming pools and patios. 

Another big reason for growth in the pressure washer industry is water conservation. With the focus on saving water in recent years, it makes sense that more people would prefer pressure washing for cleaning purposes. After all, a pressure washer uses about 2 gallons of water per minute, while a hose uses about 20 gallons per minute. When you add the ability to save water to the fact that pressure washing is often more effective than cleaning with a hose, it’s clear why this field is growing. 

So if you’re looking for an industry to join that has a lot of potential for growth in the next few years, pressure washing is a good one to consider. Just make sure you do the research on it before you take on your first customer, as you’ll need the right equipment, insurance coverage, and skills to start cleaning residential and commercial properties alike. 

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