What You Need to Know Before Growing Marijuana

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Marijuana has received its fair share of controversy, but the good thing is that many people have now stopped demonizing this amazing little plant. Thanks to extensive research and studies that show that marijuana is not as bad. As a result, more people are now starting to see it for the amazing healing plant that it is.

Today marijuana legalization is sweeping through state after state in America, and with even more states legalizing the medical use of this herb, it is clear that times have changed. And while some still demonize marijuana for various reasons, it is just a matter of time before they start seeing the good side of this plant. That said, what do you need to know before growing marijuana? Read on.

  1. Find out if its use is legalized in your state

First and foremost, make sure marijuana growth is not illegal where you live. There are still some states that prohibit the use and even the growing of marijuana. So, before you decide to grow marijuana at home or in a greenhouse, it is best if you first find out whether this is allowed in your state. If not, then don’t take the risk of being discovered by law enforcers

  1. Understand the different types of marijuana seeds

Do you know the different types of marijuana seeds? If you don’t, then it is essential that you learn about them before buying these. The three main types of marijuana seeds include;

  • Regular Seeds – These seeds are good for beginners. They are more affordable and easy to use. Basically, they can be sown in the ground or in a container and grow to about three feet.
  • Feminized Seeds – They are created to produce only female plants that contain high levels of THC and low levels of CBD. These seeds come from the crossbreeding of other marijuana strains such as Northern Lights, Blueberry, or Skunk.
  • Autoflowering Seeds – As their name implies, these seeds automatically flower once they reach a certain age after being germinated. They are becoming very popular among both beginners and experienced growers alike. If you are looking for speed and convenience, then autoflowering can be your best option since they usually grow faster compared to normal types. They are a perfect choice for people who don’t have much time to tend to their plants daily.
  1. Know how much cannabis yields per plant

It is important to know how much each plant produces before you start growing. This will help determine how much to grow in order to get the desired amount of weed when harvesting time comes. Note that the number of cannabis yields per plant will depend on the strain you are growing. If you are growing marijuana for personal use, it is advisable to grow a strain that yields anything between one and three ounces.

  1. Know how long it takes for each plant stage

There are three stages that your cannabis plants go through before they are ready for harvest. They include the germination stage, vegetative stage, and flowering stage. Knowing how long each of these stages takes will help you know when to harvest your plants so that they do not grow out of control. It also helps to know how many weeks or months it will take between sowing seeds and harvesting. This way, once the plant has reached its flowering stage, you won’t be caught off guard if it is not yet ready for harvest.

  1. Get the right tools

Different growing methods require different equipment in order to succeed at cultivation successfully. For example, hydroponic systems might need pH test kits while outdoor growers may need water tanks, etc. It is therefore important to equip yourself with the necessary tools and equipment so that you can cultivate and harvest your plants without any issues.

  1. Know your grow space conditions

Before planting, it is also important to consider how much space there is in your grow room or setup where the plants will be placed. Some cannabis strains can easily reach heights of more than 100 inches (250 cm.) While others stay short at 20-30 inches (50 – 75 cm). Also, figure out if you need enough lighting for each plant and wattage that works best with what grows well indoors. This way, you will avoid any quality issues later on when the time comes to harvest them.

  1. Know where to buy cannabis seeds.

Where you source your marijuana seeds is very crucial. Purchasing seeds from trusted seed banks is your best option since they are pre-tested for germination rates. There will also be a guide on how to plant them, including the required tools and nutrients you need, as well as their ideal temperature range for growth. Ensure that you read online reviews before trusting any marijuana dispensaries. Dispensaries such as United Strains of America are a good place to buy the seeds as they are known to sell high-quality seeds of all kinds.

  1. Research more about the growing conditions of the strains

Research more about different growing conditions of strains, including: how often should they be watered? What time of day do they like getting the best lighting? What about temperature levels? How long can you expect them to live in each stage before needing a new one again? And so on. For the plant to thrive, you need to ensure that it gets the right amount of water, light, humidity, temperature, and nutrients.

In Summary

Growing your own marijuana from seeds can be a rewarding experience. Besides, you are always guaranteed of good quality of the strain you are using. The tips mentioned above will help you get started with ease. And remember, it is a learning process. It takes time to learn how to grow them well. So, patience is key. Always be keen on the feedback you get from your plants and make necessary changes until you can produce quality marijuana.

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