What Your Landing Page Says About Your Business

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For any business in today’s world, an online presence is essential. Without a strong online presence, your business is hamstrung in terms of accessibility, marketing, and trust. The first stage of your online presence is to build a website. The landing page is the page you send visitors to when they click on a link. It is therefore many people’s first impression of your business.

Using a landing page builder, you can generate a stylish and attractive introduction to your business. With different layouts to choose from, you can decide how you want visitors to interact with your website. You show them who you are and what you do and give them a reason to use your products or services.

It is therefore crucial that you have a strong idea of what your landing page says about your business. There are key themes that come through on any landing page, and you need to consider all of them when choosing your landing page design.

Here are the most important things your landing page says about your business.

Your Purpose

The main reason businesses use landing pages is to get straight to the point. While the homepage provides an introduction and overview of your business, the landing page tells them exactly what you are trying to achieve.

For this reason, your landing page should be clear and concise. Have one section rather than a whole range of them, and do not speak about anything but what the visitor is there for.

If you don’t know what your purpose as a business is, think of it in the most practical terms. We’re not speaking about aspirations to make the world a better place. The purpose of your business in a utilitarian sense is to get people to buy your products, use your services, or become a part of your community.

Your USP

Sharing your purpose is not enough on a landing page. When you are looking for a particular service, for example, you will probably open many business pages from the Google search page. Each of them will have landing pages telling you to use their service. You need to show why you’re unique.

Your unique selling point (USP) is whatever you offer that your competitors do not. This could be something as complex as innovative technology exclusive to your company, or as simple as excellent service.

Giving visitors an idea of your USP is not just about spelling it out for them. If you promise a personal touch, your landing page copy should be warm and welcoming. If you are providing futuristic technology, your landing page needs to impress with its functionality.

A Call To Action (CTA)

Your landing page is not meant to be subtle. In other words, simply telling people about what you offer and your USP is not enough. You need to tell them directly to take action. This may be to add a product to their cart, provide their details for a quote, or even just to look at the rest of the website.

Your CTA does not have to be a sale. However, it should not be too many steps away, because at each step there is the opportunity for visitors to drop off. So, if you get people to look at the rest of your website, that should lead them to the next practical stage, whether that’s subscribing or committing to a product or service.

It may feel like you’re overdoing it, but include multiple calls to action. They should have different wording but each lead to the same thing. Visitors will have the chance to click on any one of the buttons to get to where you want them to go. The reality is that humans are far simpler than we like to think we are. The more buttons, the more likely we are to click.

A Reason To Trust You

Your landing page needs to say one more thing about your business. It needs to tell visitors that they can trust you. People will not click on CTAs unless they think they can trust your business. There are some people who give their trust far more easily, but you need to aim to show your trustworthiness to everyone who lands on your page.

You can include testimonials and reviews from social media. You can mention your certification from relevant regulatory bodies. You can also include photos of yourself and your staff which show that you are real people. However, don’t clutter the landing page. A simple landing page is always best.

Your landing page needs to say a lot about your business. Make sure to keep the above in mind when designing it.

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