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What are White Label Digital Marketing Services and How it Helps?

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There are more than 36,000 digital marketing companies worldwide. It’s going to take a lot of out-of-the-box thinking for you to take your business of digital marketing to greater heights. 

What your agency needs to shine out is the right mix of “Stand Out Factors”.  

Remember the 5-S Stand Out Factors for a marketing agency: 

  • Speed
  • Skill
  • Service
  • Specialization
  • Scale

The easiest and most cost-effective medium of bridging the gap in your 5-S Stand out Factor is employing a White Label Agency.

What is a White Label Agency?

A white label agency gets its name from the concept of “white label” marketing. A company usually buys a product from another company, rebrands it with their branding, and sells it to its customers. This is known as “white label” marketing.

A white label agency is a marketing agency company. Their services are hired by other marketing companies or digital marketing agencies. The hiring company then labels the work as their work and sells the rebranded work to their clients. Usually, the end client doesn’t interact with the white label agency. 

What services does a White Label Agency offer?

As a marketing agency, it is practically impossible for you to be an expert in every nuance in the ever-growing field of digital marketing. They offer not just white label SEO services, content marketing, and social networking. 

White label agencies offer a wide spectrum of marketing and digital marketing services. 

  • Website Development: Website design, website maintenance, e-commerce website development and maintenance
  • Email Marketing:  Email templates, newsletters, email automation, email marketing, adhering to local email regulations and laws
  • App Development:  iOS app development, Android app development,  cross-platform app development
  • WordPress development:  WordPress website development, theme development, plug-in development, data integration, blog posting 
  • Brand development: Creating brand value, reputation management, content creation, citation management, review management.

How does a White Label Agency help you?

A white label agency may seem like the outsourcing of marketing work. In reality, a white-label agency is much more than simple outsourcing. 

As a marketing agency, your prime concern for outsourcing is the quality of work.  If the outsourcing firm is not able to meet your high standards of professionalism and high-grade quality you stand to lose out on your reputation and brand value. 

However, a white label agency gives you the assurance of top-of-the-line expertise. They provide professional competence, thoroughness, and reliable work outcome. When you are hiring a white label agency, you are hiring an agency with professionalism, just the type of work your clients expect from you.

A white label agency also brings on the table distinct tangible take-away. Most digital marketing companies consider white label agencies as an irrefutable partner for harnessing steady business growth and profitability.

Cut the Costs

Almost 67% of small businesses fail to survive in the first ten years of inception. One of the biggest reasons for this failure is financial problems. It includes escalating costs, working-capital problems, no control over expenses, and lack of cash flows. 

To run a marketing agency you need social media developers, website developers, app developers, brand developers, and advertising experts to name a few. The cost of hiring these specialists can burn a hole through your business profitability, especially when business is slack. 

Along with this, there is no way of estimating the cost of hiring the wrong person. Not only do you lose out on profitability and future business, but your company also pays the price of training, low productivity, and loss of brand value. 

A white label agency can help your company meet potential demand. And no worrying about training costs, monthly salaries, employment benefits, insurance, and other costs. All you need to do is sign-up for monthly packages or turnkey project-based packages.

Efficient Expansion of Service Line

Almost 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. That pretty much sums up on how important SEO services are for digital marketing.

However, digital marketing goes much beyond just SEO services. Along with SEO services, a digital marketing agency needs to offer a big bouquet of marketing and IT services. It is practically impossible for marketing agencies to cater to the ever-growing demand for diverse digital services that clients are looking for. 

A white label agency can help you not only with white label SEO services but also with complete end-to-end solutions for your client’s digital marketing needs. 

As the old business maxim goes, “More products, more sales”. Increase your service range with the help of a white label agency and cater to more and more clients, driving up your sales figures. 

Speedy Scalability

One of the biggest challenges that digital marketing agencies face is the scaling of their resources up or down quickly. 

Digital deadlines can be demanding and clients need servicing round-the-clock. There is absolutely no response time for you to hire and train employees to meet your client’s requirements.  

Unfortunately, digital marketing companies end up in a regrettable situation when they have to turn down prospective business offers. Why? Simply because they don’t have the resources to deliver their services on time. 

While scaling up seems to be a common problem for digital marketing agencies, the problem of scaling down is also quite a headache. Owing to cut-throat competition, demand for services can be quite erratic. In such trying times, it may hurt your business bottom lines by paying salaries to staff who have no work to do. 

White label agencies offer you the flexibility to scale up or down your resources without worrying about deadlines, output quality, and rising costs.

Do what you are best at

A digital marketing agency may often face the dilemma of not being good at what their client wants. 

For example, your forte lies in content development, brand development, and review management. But your prospective client is looking for an expert in the field of SEO services and PPC marketing.  You are sure to be worried about how to build upon excellent SEO services so that you don’t have to let go of the business.

Welcome to the world of white label agency. All you need to do is hire a white label SEO service and provide your client with the best quality service. 

Hiring a white label agency helps you concentrate on your core competency. Don’t let go of important business prospects, simply hire a white label agency for all those skill-sets that you may be lacking in. 

Get access to professionals and specialists 

A digital marketing agency’s biggest assets are the specialists who provide their technical expertise. Marketing agencies are facing a shortage of digital specialists. 

Also, it can be quite expensive to bring onboard digital marketing experts. Remunerations for digital experts range between £20,000 to £45,000 depending on their level of expertise and experience. 

A white label agency helps you override these mundane problems.  Imagine a team of professionally trained experts who are always available to you. No more worries about untrained staff, training costs, unproductive work, and maintenance problems. 

With white label agency services, you can focus on important tasks like increasing sales, efficient project management, better customer servicing, and building upon your agency’s brand value.  

There are scores of white label agencies that are easily available. Always remember to choose one that is credible, professional, and trustable in the long run. Think white water agency, think business. 

Author Bio: Sheryl Jones

Sheryl is the Sr. Marketing Specialist at Uplers who has a great experience in designing well-defined user journeys across the digital marketing domain. She leverages her digital marketing expertise to help businesses draw significant ROIs.

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