Most Popular and Effective White Label FX Solutions for Brokers

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The Forex market is very liquid and very attractive for investments. Therefore, many companies are thinking about how to create a crypto exchange. But entering the market is associated with strong competition and the need to make important decisions. For example, choosing a liquidity aggregator and a trading platform for clients.

There are two ways – purchasing an expensive license and adapting the platform for your own needs. Or buying a white label cryptocurrency exchange software. Most brokers (over 80%) choose the second option.

Key Advantages of the White Label Trading Platform

1.   There are several important advantages that brokers choose to work with white label crypto exchange software.

1.   It’s money-saving. A standard license costs over $100,000. And access to the white label trading platform is 5-10 times cheaper.

2.   Clients cooperating with the white label cryptocurrency exchange receive round-the-clock support and access to innovative products.

3.   The product has a flexible system of settings, which allows you to create the most convenient and high-quality interface that meets your personal requirements. This allows you to start a cryptocurrency exchange with maximum efficiency.

4.   Brokers do not have to resolve all issues on their own and face problems one-on-one. White Label crypto exchange offers a full range of services, new plugins, and turnkey solutions.

Let’s take a look at the most popular options common among brokers.

Classic Solution – MT4

The MetaTrader4 platform first appeared on the market in 2005. Since then it has become very popular and for 15 years many brokers have been using it. But there is a small problem – the cost of the license. MT4 price is over $ 100K. And not all brokers who decide to start a cryptocurrency exchange can afford such costs at the initial stage.

The popularity of MT4 raises no questions. Today, about 1/3 of brokers and more than half of the world’s traders work with this platform. MetaTrader4 offers a wide range of trading instruments, works with various digital assets, accepts bitcoin payments, etc. Moreover, flexible configuration with the ability to add various indicators and signals allows deep analysis of the market. This is a good solution for both novice players and experienced traders.

Progress and Development – MT5

The second most popular is the MT5 trading platform. This is the next generation of the MetaTrader trading platform, which includes additional functions and new tools. Moreover, the MT5 platform allows you to work with different markets (MetaTrader4 is only compatible with the international Forex market).

The cost of such a solution is about 200 thousand dollars, and this is not the limit. Because there are additional maintenance and setup costs to keep in mind. All these increase costs in the first step if you decide to create your own crypto exchange. In this case, it should be noted that cooperation with white label forex will be even more profitable. After all, it costs ten times cheaper. All this allows starting a crypto exchange with minimal costs and maximum efficiency.

DX Trade Solution

DX Trade has been able to develop a good trading platform that is an excellent alternative to MT4 and MT5. Many forex prime brokers have chosen it because the site offers a convenient interface, many tools for market analysis, an economic calendar, and other useful solutions. In addition, it is compatible with the FX and CFD markets.

Quality and Profitable White Label FX Solution for Brokers

In case you are thinking about creating a cryptocurrency exchange, you need a reliable and professional company. B2Broker is a great option to help you get the most out of your business. The service offers customers high-quality cryptocurrency exchange software that allows them to minimize costs. Moreover, B2Broker provides access to unique and innovative capabilities (core products B2Trader and B2Margin). Thanks to such a solution, you will wash off the start cryptocurrency business with maximum efficiency.

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