Why is it crucial to backup your office 365?

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There are many advantages to using Microsoft Office 365, which is why many people worldwide prefer using the service. First of all:

  • allows to access files anywhere
  • provides secure cloud storage
  • helps to improve communication between employees
  • provides automatic upgrades and many others.

But along with the benefits, Microsoft Office 365 has risks relating to security in use and the possibility of losing corporate data that is key to business processes.

In this regard, it is crucial that you, as a business owner or a Microsoft Office 365 user, try to reduce the risk of losing access to your email or your Office 365 data.

Some essential things to do are control the data, create a clear policy when data is stored or lost, and address security vulnerabilities.

That is where the question comes in, do you have office 365 backup ? If the answer is “no,” we encourage you to continue reading and find out why it is crucial to backup your data and how it will help you from a security perspective.

5 reasons why it’s essential to back up your data

As more companies decide to move to Microsoft Office 365, we think it’s important to talk more about office 365 backup. It is how you can ensure business continuity. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of organizations today overlook the importance of this process.

First, we’ll start by saying what backup is? It is the creation of a backup of your data. It can be restored in the event of an access loss, therefore, a loss of data.

Unfortunately, data can be lost, and the reasons that caused it are many. The ability to recover lost data is a crucial point for any company. In this regard, we present to you 5 main reasons why your company needs office 365 backup.


Deleting messages in an email or a user, in general, can be both intentional and accidental. Regardless of the reason for deleting a user, such action is replicated across the entire network. The deletion itself results in corruption of files and loss of data that is crucial to the company. By creating an office 365 backup, you can restore the user and any lost data.

Security Threats

Along with unintentional deletion due to human error, threats are the next most common cause of data loss. There are two main types of threats, and these are internal and external. Surprisingly, the percentage of internal threats is high.

External threats, on the other hand, typically use viruses and malware that block your access to user accounts and data. The goal is most often financial extortion.

These types of threats can cause severe damage, leading to huge costs. That is why creating a backup will help protect your data and provide better security to your company.

Hardware malfunction

Another common problem, which is also the reason for creating a backup, is that your emails and their data can be damaged beyond repair. Creating a backup will ensure that your data will be restored no matter what happens.

Retention policy gaps

When using Microsoft 365, there are Office 365’s retention policies, which can be complex and challenging to comply with. It, in turn, can be a factor in data loss and corruption, as well as the reason for creating a backup to ensure you can store and recover lost data quickly.

Legal and compliance requirements

Some regulations require a company to protect its data so that it is always accessible in cases needing to be resolved in court. For that, as a business owner, it is essential to find a solution regarding backing up all your data. This way, apart from protecting your data, you will also be able to meet the various legal requirements and regulations.


Unfortunately, Microsoft cannot provide such advanced lost data recovery options. Even if it does, the process can be long and very slow.

Creating an office 365 backup is easy and convenient to protect your data and that of your customers in the best possible way. In this regard, we always recommend contacting companies offering these services. They will analyze your current protection and security and be able to provide solutions that will work for you.

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