Why You Can Rely On Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is an aesthetic treatment that more and more men and women are doing. It is the only method that permanently removes hairs. In addition, it is less painful and more economically profitable than traditional hair removal methods.

Whether you are a man or a woman, waxing should always be a personal decision and not a social imposition. The truth is that, when summer arrives, many people decide to wax regularly to be able to wear short clothes or swimsuits without complexes.

However, traditional hair removal methods such as wax, creams or blades are usually very tedious and even painful. Faced with this problem, laser hair removal stands as the only alternative to permanently remove hair and in just a few sessions. But it should be handled by experts, as you can find at 3D Lipo London Laser hair removal.

In addition to never having to wax again, this type of waxing offers many other benefits that should also be considered.

1. Your results are permanent

The main and most obvious benefit of laser hair removal is that it permanently removes body and facial hair. In addition, the results are effective from the first session, although the number of sessions will depend on each patient, the type of hair and the skin phototype. Being able to say goodbye to waxes and blades forever in favor of permanent hair removal is the greatest advantage of this method.

2. It’s painless

Laser hair removal produces a sensation of heat, but it is not considered a painful method. In addition, if the patient has a great sensitivity to pain, the intensity of the machine can be adjusted and an anesthetic cream can be applied. To determine the sensitivity of the patient, a previous test is always done. Thus, compared to other traditional methods such as wax, the laser becomes a great alternative that is much more painless.

3. It is economically profitable

A priori, the price of laser hair removal can be perceived as expensive, although in the long term it is much more profitable than traditional methods such as wax or blades. This is because, once your sessions are over, you will no longer have to invest more money in hair removal because its results are permanent.

4. Eliminates ingrown hairs

The wax or the blade can cause some hairs to get embedded under the skin, which produces pilosebaceous cysts, small wounds or scars that can become infected over time. Laser hair removal manages to remove hair evenly and prevents the formation of these unsightly ingrown hairs.

5. Prevents skin infections

Laser hair removal is also recommended to combat, mainly, two skin conditions: folliculitis and hirsutism. The use of blades often causes cuts and irritation, which increases the risk of suffering from folliculitis, one of the most frequent skin infections. It occurs when hair follicles become inflamed due to a bacterial or fungal infection and manifests as small pimples on the skin where new hairs grow. If not treated in time, it can lead to hard-to-heal scaly ulcers. Laser hair removal is a method that prevents this condition.

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