Why You Should Use Antivirus to Secure and Clean Your Phone

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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. We’re not only using them to communicate with others but also to store essential details such as bank accounts, credit card numbers, personal information, and confidential messages. Most of us also rely on phones to run businesses. Now that your phone is such a handy device, how would it be if viruses attacked it? Is there any reliable antivirus software to protect your phone from malware? This article will help you know if your phone needs antivirus software and the best antivirus for your iPhone.

Does a Mobile Phone Need Antivirus Software?

Mobile phones have in-built security features that protect them from viruses and attacks. However, these devices have become targets for malicious people who want to steal sensitive information. Android users may need to install antivirus software to protect their phones from malware and other threats. Malware is a malicious program that allows cybercriminals to access your phone’s source code and steal your information.

There are various ways your phone can get a malware attack. For instance, you may download untrustworthy apps from other places apart from the Google Play Store. You may also download malware from an email or a website. Apart from malware threats, your phone is also susceptible to other threats like hacking, phishing, and inbound call scams. The best way to protect your phone completely from any malicious programs is by installing reliable antivirus software. And in case of an attack, the software will detect, block and delete the malware.

Is it Possible to Hack an iPhone?

While Android devices are more susceptible to viruses, Apple enthusiasts have something to smile about since iPhone viruses are rare. Unlike Android, which has open source software, Apple’s iOS has closed source software. As a result, unauthorized people can’t modify any code on Apple devices. But that doesn’t mean iPhones can’t get virus attacks. For example, you may find your iPhone misbehaving where you’ll find that there’s a suspicious app that requests updating. You may also find your device has run out of memory space, and the battery needs replacing. It may be most likely that your iPhone has a virus attack in such situations.

So, how does an iPhone get viruses? iPhones will only allow apps from Apple’s App Store. They ensure that no suspicious apps get installed on your device. However, viruses can infiltrate your iPhone through jailbreaking. And when your device is jailbroken, malware will find ways into your device. Some of the dangers of viruses in your iPhone include:

  • Apps will repeatedly crash
  • Data usage will go up
  • Unexpectedly large phone bill
  • The battery will drain quickly
  • Phone will overheat

Is it Possible to Spy Through an iPhone Camera?

How would you feel if people were spying on your private life? Cybercriminals are using spyware to hack phone cameras and spy on unsuspecting people. If your iPhone is not updated, it’s more susceptible to cyberattacks. Once they jailbreak your phone, criminals will hack your device and use the camera to take your private photos and videos. In addition, they will use the camera to see where you keep essential documents or resources. Cybercriminals may hack the camera and access your communications if you’re holding private video calls. These criminals will find it easy to steal content saved on your phone, such as a contact list.

Is There Any Software to Secure an iPhone?

Have you suspected that your iPhone could be under a virus attack? The good thing is there is antivirus software to secure your device from viruses. And you don’t have to go far looking for reliable software for your iPhone. You can use the Avira Mobile Security app to protect your iPhone from virus attacks. The antivirus comes with handy security features such as Call Blocker, Anti-Theft tool, Contact Backup function, Device Analyzer, and Identity Safeguard.

Would you like to protect your phone from any virus attack? Then, download your free Avira Mobile Security app today and get complete protection from any cyber threats!

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