10 Digital Gifts People Close to You Will Appreciate

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In this digital world, every day is an invention day. What does this mean? Every time, you will find a digital product being launched in the market. You can either buy a customized media gift, an app, or just software for different uses. If the people close to you are digital enthusiasts, then there is a reason why you should get them a digital product this festive season. Most technological lovers are elites and are always equipped with basics on the best things in the market.

You don’t have to buy an outdated digital item when you can get the latest software, apps, and media gifts for your loved one. This article has done the most challenging task for you and created a list of some of the best digital gifts that can represent you when away from your loved ones, especially in this pandemic era. Here are the items.

Virtual Flowers

Things have changed for the better, and there is no need to visit flower shops to buy a bouquet for your loved one. You don’t even need to send real flowers when you can send virtual flowers during this pandemic season. You can send virtual flowers by an online delivery channel to make sure they reach the intended person. Another simple way of transmitting these flowers is to choose the photos, click on them, and forward them via email, text, or through a social media direct message. Besides sending just plain digital flowers, you can inscribe a message to your loved ones to customize its value.

Password Manager

With so many devices, apps, and websites to visit, people have many passwords that they can’t keep count of. Sometimes they create one password for all accounts, which compromises their online security. A password manager enables you and your loved ones to store your several passwords without compromising your security.

You can check Black Friday deals to protect your online safety and your loved ones. With this package, you are sure of protecting the devices, accounts, and any other digital items you might be having together with those of your friends and families. The good thing about these gifts is that you can send them online and keep everyone secured as you communicate digitally. They will do the heavy lifting of securing everyone’s presence online.

Audiobook Membership

Reading never stops, and it doesn’t happen only at school. You can surprise your loved ones by getting them digital audiobook membership. Due to the pandemic, audiobook sales are rising since people spend time reading them at home. If your loved ones love reading, it’s time now to surprise them with audiobooks, regardless of whether they have used them before or not.

After securing your online presence, you can either get your loved ones an audiobook and transfer it to them or get them a subscription service to access these audiobooks at their end. Besides keeping them busy, the books will entertain and educate them on things revolving around the world.

Having a Virtual Family Time

There would never be a better gift than holding a virtual family meeting with your loved ones. Besides sending them a gift, you can have online sessions to keep in touch and share ideas. Such arrangements are ideal when you want to speak to your parents or grandparents you haven’t seen for a long time. Fortunately, nowadays, there are various media that you can use to hold these meetings, including Facebook live, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, Instagram Live, and other platforms.

You can also record videos of the surrounding areas or any other beautiful place and send them via these media. Getting this virtual family time is one of the most priceless gifts you can offer for your loved ones at home. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and have proper devices for flawless communication when having these meetings.

Streaming Service Subscription

Days of installing a cable TV for your loved ones are slowly fading away. You can now do better by getting a streaming service subscription for your loved ones if they have a computer, smartphone, or a smart TV. The good thing about these streaming services is that they got lots of content, both streaming and video, which can be shared among your loved ones at home. Some of the best streaming services you can get for your loved ones include Netflix subscriptions, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu. A single subscription takes one to three months. During this thanksgiving period, you can give them a full-year streaming subscription as you plan for something more prominent when the pandemic ends.

Online Gaming Pass

With technological advancement, thousands of game creators are busy coming up with new, advanced online games every day. You can get your loved ones an online gaming pass subscription to keep them engaged in this festive season. Other than this, some games enable players to play with online friends and even strangers. This situation means you can be far away but share a game with your friends and families back at home and create some exciting moments.

The trick here is to know the type of gaming devices they use so that you can give them a pass and join the game. Some of the trending online games that can be shared online include XBOX, PlayStation, Steam, and much more. Ensure you, and they have a stable internet to create funny moments together. 

Virtual Scrap Books

If you are distant from your friends and family members, you can create a virtual scrapbook comprising your best photos, memes, videos, and much more and share them with your friends. You can also get pictures of the most beautiful places and transfer them to your family and friends to enjoy the moments together. Currently, there are tons of free virtual scrapbooks and paid ones that you can use to create those exciting moments that matter and share them with people who matter as gifts. 

Virtual Hugs

It is these simple things like hugs that matter in life. You might get your loved ones the most expensive gift, but your presence matters a lot. With this pandemic, it is becoming impossible to visit your loved ones and have some physical hugs. Thanks to technology, you can now easily send virtual hugs to your parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters to let them know how much you love and miss them. How are these virtual hugs sent? Some websites provide these services free of charge or at a fee.

You only need to choose your preferred hug image and send it to your loved one through email or text message. Some kind words can also accompany the virtual hug to ascertain your love for them. Since you can’t be with them physically, you can portray your love and kindness digitally through hugs.


ECards have been in use for several years to send virtual gifts to friends and families. Most grandparents and parents love these eCards, and you can use them to express your love and kindles towards them, especially if in distant locations. The good thing about eCards is that you can customize them to relay different messages to each individual you are targeting with your gifts. Some of the best services ever used to send eCards include the American Greetings and Paperless post, and they are still famous today.

Besides using the already made templates, you can develop something better that will impact your loved ones. Ensure to conclude your heartfelt message in the eCards to every recipient you are targeting. Even if you can’t be with them physically at these uncertain times, eCards will represent you fully to each of your loved ones.

Meditation Apps

Things have not been good this year, especially employed and people running businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused so much disruption, and the only way to counsel or let your loved one get through this pain is to help them in their meditation. You can do this by offering them a gift of a meditation app that guides them to unwind and reflect on their lives.

Meditation apps help people pause and reflect on their lives and things that matter by assisting them in deep breathing and reflecting on their thoughts. While it can’t be a cure for their stresses, this digital gift can help them cool their anxiety and relax. Besides sending them just apps, you can include meditation music, which helps them forget their worries.

You can consider other digital gifts, including music streaming apps, virtual gym membership, food delivery services, beauty and makeup subscription, online grocery subscription, and much more. The list of these digital items is endless since it keeps updating every day. The pandemic shouldn’t stop you from having good times with your loved ones. There are various options to choose from, depending on the person you buy and the moment. Ensure the gift matches with the recipient and sparks something once they receive it. We hope this article has been of help as you plan for the gifts.

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