10 Reasons why you need promotional products in 2020

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Brands are always looking at innovative and advanced digital marketing strategies to boost brand engagement in today’s competitive environment. However, some tried and tested, traditional marketing strategies continue to be relevant despite the many advancements. Promotional products are one of such traditional advertising practices that are still immensely successful.

Giving out promotional hats, notepads, pens and other items is an important investment to establish brand memorability. It allows brands to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with their customers by giving them something to remember them by. Over the years, this practice has become all the more important as digital marketing and other advertising mediums are impersonal.

Promotional products are much more personal and they communicate your brand ideology at a much more personal level.

In this article, we will explore 10 compelling reasons to prioritize product products as part of your campaign for 2020.

Here, take a look:

1.  Reaching out to a Target Audience

Promotional products are one of the advertising practices that reach out to your targeted audience. Unlike print media and social media ads that reach out to a wide range of customers, relevant and irrelevant. Promotional gifts and giveaways are distributed in a carefully selected, target audience. They tend to have a much bigger and powerful impact.

You are not just spending money to reach out to an audience that they may or may not be interested in. Instead, you are focused on your target audience that is more likely to boost revenues and brand engagement.

2.  Long-Lasting Engagement

Magazines, newspaper ads, and even social media advertisements come with a limited shelf life. People either forget your promotional campaigns or make a habit of skipping your ads every time they appear. However, promotional products stay in their lives as long as they remain useful.

They become a part of their lives and everyday habits. So, these products have a longer shelf life and they continue to remind the consumers of your brand. These products carry business logos and promotional messages, which are reinforced in the minds of the consumers repetitively. They also help attract new consumers and expand your brand exposure.

3.  Uniqueness & Individuality

Promotional products tend to offer the consumer something unique and different, which they cannot purchase themselves from other outlets. It comes with an air of exclusivity and individuality. Being able to obtain a unique product without having to pay anything creates a strong impression and rewards the consumer. It allows you to set yourself apart in the industry and stand out amongst your competitors. You can customize your promotional products to create something that is symbolic of your brand and offers value to your consumers.

4.  A Versatile Advertising Strategy

The possibilities of effective advertising with promotional products are truly endless and never-ending. You see, they not only help promote your brand, seal brand engagement and garner more exposure in the market. But more importantly, they help cement brand loyalty. It creates a league of consumers who are proud to carry your promotional products, encouraging others to do the same.

These products present consumers an incentive to attend your events, networking affairs, seminars, and other meetings. If sales and holiday discounts are marketed with free giveaways, consumers are twice as likely to indulge. Promotional products can be used to boost your marketing success in more ways than one.

Of course, promotional products aren’t just limited to consumers. You can also use them to win over employee satisfaction. They can be used as a reward mechanism to show appreciation for employees or even offer them sales incentives.

5.  Boosting Brand Awareness

Best corporate giveaways and promotional products are an excellent strategy to boost brand awareness. This traditional technique is much more personal and effective than targeted ads and paid campaigns. It has an organic appeal that encourages existing and potential consumers to pay attention to your offerings.

It expands your consumer base and your brand integrity by making your brand name and logo more visible. It holds the power of turning your brand into a household name. Imagine: distributing promotional hats or bags allows the consumers to turn into a walking-talking billboard for your brand.

6.  Boost Revenues

Distributing promotional products is one of the most effective strategies to capture the attention of your consumers. It sends out a strong message of quality control, opulence and the rewards of being a loyal consumer. Trade shows and networking events are excellent occasions to distribute these gifts. They encourage consumers to invest in your products and services by constantly reminding them of your presence.

 7.  Fostering Relations

Promotional products are an excellent strategy to improve customer relations and carve out personal ties. Consumers love getting products for free, and giveaways make them feel rewarded. It fosters a personal and precious bond by inculcating feelings of loyalty and trust.

Every single time the consumer will drink coffee in your promotional mug, he/she will be reminded of their consumer experience. It is an excellent strategy to create goodwill and maintain the momentum of brand engagement.

8.  Affordable & Expensive

It is important to note that promotional products are one of the most affordable forms of marketing. However, they are twice as effective as more prominent methods, such as TV advertisements, blogs, print ads and more. Branded merchandise and products, when mass-produced, are affordable and make a powerful ripple.

 9.  Spreading Happiness

As mentioned above, consumers adore getting products for free. It promotes loyalty by making them feel rewarded for their relationship with your brand. It reinforces their brand perceptions and creates a strong tie between your offerings and their preferences. Even after years, promotional products will offer them utility and remind them of your bond.

Promotional products remind consumers that you are not constantly vying their wallets and waiting for the revenues to pile up. They spread feelings of happiness by showing your consumers how much you care for them. The merchandise will remind them of their consumer experience. In case the need the same services or products, your logo will remind them of your offerings.

 10. Relations that Last

Promotional products are an incredible strategy to foster long-lasting and personal relations in a traditional way. They are an organic advertisement method that is free of pretentiousness and mistrust. They allow consumers to feel rewarded and have a much longer shelf life than other strategies. You can use a wide variety of products to cement brand loyalty.


However, the key is to offer something that the consumer will be proud of the owner. The product must offer utility and have a long life so it reminds them of your offerings. Hats, water bottles, key chains, note pads, pens, and bags are some terrific ideas to make an impact.

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