11 Video Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

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There was a time when creating films was a very expensive endeavor. Nowadays, almost anyone can create a video for any kind of concept. Videos have a way of catching people’s attention in ways that no other medium can. Most workers and professionals don’t have the time to read long, written posts. Instead, they can watch engaging videos to save more time and energy. Luckily businesses can turn to corporate video production companies for help creating highly professional marketing videos.

People might have the impression that only billion-dollar multinational companies and brands can create high-quality, entertaining, and engaging videos, but this is no longer true. Technology has been improving marketing strategies through the use of various platforms and updated content. There are even companies that offer video production services, such as Video Marketing Professionals – Zipinmedia, to attract more customers and increase conversion rates for small businesses.

Using Videos For Marketing

If you’re looking for ways to increase traffic or boost your marketing with videos, check out this list of video marketing ideas.

1. Turn Blog Posts Into Videos

Don’t delete your old blog posts—they’re not useless nor obsolete. You just need to find a way to repurpose them and turn them into engaging videos. Besides, you already know which ones of those blogs drew a lot of reads, likes, comments, and shares. 

You can take the concept out of your old blogs, and transform them into videos to rake in more views and conversions.

2. Upload Teaser Videos

One of the things that work well not just for film companies, but also for marketing and ad agencies, is the use of teaser videos. By creating visual hints of something you’re about to do or a project you’re about to reveal, you can spark interest among your audience or market. 

You can also create a montage like this:

Or explore your artistic side by using video production tools. Through these, people will notice and start taking interest in your products or services.

3. Use Video For Tutorials

Another great advantage of digital marketing is its reliance on video tutorials. For your audience, viewers, market, or potential customers who are interested to know more about your products or business, uploading tutorial videos on key topics is the way to go. 

4. Give The Founder Some Screen Time

This is something best done by the boss. Have the owner or founder of the company share how they started the company or why it exists. Start-up stories always invoke certain emotions with the audiences, making them feel more connected to your company through its founder. 

5. Make Recruitment Videos

You can gain the customers’ trust by showing them how you treat your employees and stakeholders. This is due to their growing awareness of corporate responsibility. You can make recruitment videos by asking some of your employees to share why they chose to be with the organization. 

6. Document Video Blogs

One of the things that everyone can relate with is a typical day in the life of employees in a company or organization. A big majority of your customers could be wondering what it’s like to work for your company or how things are done behind closed walls. Give them a peek and show them how the company prospers through teamwork and hard work.

7. Feature Community Involvement

You may also showcase community involvement activities your company spearheads or conducts. Helping a community through fund-raising activities, donation drives, or even sports tournaments can help gain more customers. They’ll know how your company takes initiative and aids the community. 

8. Get Testimonials

This is a classic digital marketing technique used by even the most established brands and names in all industries. There’s nothing more authentic and convincing than testimonials from people your customers can relate to. You can ask loyal customers for their feedback through recorded videos. This way, prospects can hear about your products and services from actual customers. 

9. Product Demonstration

This strategy has always been used by television marketing companies with great success. You’ve probably watched one of those TV programs talking about the awesome features of various products, and one-time offers with huge discounts. They also include their hotline number for interested customers to call. You can try incorporating this technique into your marketing strategies and see the results.

10. Use Live Customer Service

One of the most efficient video marketing techniques is featuring live videos or screencasts of live customer service transactions to show how the employees handle an inquiry, sale, customer service report, or an after-sales call from existing clients.

11. Thank Customers

Finally, you can put your gratitude into a video presentation, thanking your customers for buying your products, and choosing your brand and services. 

Small Business But Larger Than Life

Through video marketing, even small businesses can build a larger-than-life image of a company that sells high-quality products and renders excellent service. Use these 12 video marketing ideas to connect with your audience and create a positive impact on your customers.

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