15 TV Shows Netflix Canceled Even Though Critics Loved Them

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Detailed keenness to the global streaming giant, Netflix will reveal that the platform isn’t a big fan of long-running TV shows. Sadly, Netflix has canceled these amazing shows, but there’s always a solution out there. 

You can enjoy these shows on other streaming providers, including Hulu, Amazon, etc. If you’re planning to cancel Netflix account and subscribe to another streaming service, you can binge-watch your favorite shows easily.

Here are 15 shows Netflix has canceled despite critics loving them.

Ozark (Canceled after 4 Seasons)

Scoring by Critics: 81%

Audience scoring: 89%

Description: Martyr, a financial planner, relocates his wife and two children from Chicago. His new home is in Missouri Ozarks with a primary mission of laundering $500 million in 5 years.

Critics Say: Season is three ranking as the exciting season of the Ozark. The plot arc is excellent, with the groundwork laid early on (BostonGlobe).  

Dark (Canceled after 3 seasons)

Scoring by Critics: 95%

Audience scoring: 95%

Description: A missing child sends four German families on a desperate search for answers as they uncover a three-generation mystery in their town.

Critics Say: ‘Dark’ was able to continue that tightrope walker routine for three of the most exhilarating sci-fi TV seasons ever filmed (IndieWire). 

Marvel’s Daredevil (Canceled after 3 seasons)

Scoring by Critics: 92%

Audience scoring: 88%

Description: Matt Murdock works as a vigilante at night and litigator during the day. As a child blinded in a car crash, he employs his enhanced senses to battle criminality in New York after sunsets. 

Critics Say: What’s evident is that [showrunner Erik] Oleson and his team are correcting course and refocusing on the characters who inhabit this world (

Marvel’s – Luke Cage (Canceled after 2 Seasons)

Scoring by Critics: 89%

Audience scoring: 74%

Description: The growth of Luke Cage (Mike Colter), a guy with supernatural powers and impermeable skin as a result of a failed experiment, is explored in this thriller packed with action. 

Critics Say: For greater good or even worse, Luke took a complete season to reach some feeling of assurance. The next leg of this epic journey could prove to be even more intriguing (Indiewire).

Santa Clarita Diet (Canceled after 3 Seasons)

Scoring by Critics: 89%

Audience scoring: 88%

Description: Sheila and Joel are parenting their adolescent daughter in a peaceful environment. When Sheila undergoes a significant transition, their universe undergoes unanticipated adjustments.

Critics Say: ‘Although the third season carries the most richness and layered look at marriage and mortality ever, Santa Clarita Diet’ is still pleasantly uncomplicated when viewing (Collider).

Atypical (Canceled after 4 Seasons) 

Scoring by Critics: 87%

Audience scoring: 95%

Description: Sam, an autistic 18-year-old, and the rest of his family battle to understand the fundamental theme: what it means to be “normal.”

Critics Say: Atypical is showcasing why is considered to be Netflix’s best half-hour.” — Forbes

Dead to Me (Canceled after 3 Seasons) 

Scoring by Critics: 89%

Audience scoring: 89%

Description: Jen is the protagonist of Dead to Me after her husband was killed in an automobile accident. Judy, a free spirit who has suffered a loss, meets the widow, desperate to solve the crime.

Critics Say: Their crazed lives and self-inflicted disasters provide magnificent getaway into a realm that is no longer recognizable (Salon).

The OA (Canceled after 2 Seasons)

Scoring by Critics: 84%

Audience scoring: 84%

Description: A young woman reappears seven years armed with unusual new talents and gathers five strangers for a secret mission.

Critics Say: The OA manages to be both brilliant and ridiculous. It has a funny, loopy air to it that I enjoy (Vox). 

Sense 8 (Canceled after 2 Seasons)

Scoring by Critics: 86% (includes finale movie)

Audience scoring: 86%

Description: A three-digit number links eight strangers from across the world. Their bond is formed by a violent vision and the need to figure out what happened. 

Critics Say: This blatantly political program manages to be gratis rather than dreary or argumentative (The Atlantic). 

The Society (Canceled after 1 Season)

Scoring by Critics: 86%

Audience scoring: 81%

Description: Connecticut high school students return from a camping trip discover all adults are gone. To survive, they must reestablish authority and build alliances. 

Critics Say: The Society is a blend of The Walking Dead, Lord of the Flies, and Wayward Pines (Uproxx). 

Easy (Canceled after 3 Seasons)

Scoring by Critics: 90%

Audience scoring: 85%

Description: Easy explores Chicago individuals, modern romantic technology, and society. 

Critics Say: “The show’s theme is fulfilled in the final season, infusing it with justified humanist wrath (Slant Magazine). 

Glow (Canceled after 3 Seasons)

Scoring by Critics: 92%

Audience scoring: 86%

Description: Ruth Wilder, an unemployed actress, enters the world of women’s wrestling where she labors with 12 other Hollywood misfits.  

Critics Say: Season 3 is a battle of action and reactions, with every ounce of bliss coming at a disproportionately high price (The Atlantic).

The Kominsky Method (Canceled after 3 Seasons)

Scoring by Critics: 93%

Audience scoring: 83%

Description: Sandy Kominsky, an aged acting coach, and his longtime agent, Norman Newlander, deal with life’s changeups while traversing their later years in Los Angeles.

Critics Say: Douglas is the winner of some of the most prestigious award, and you can see why! He shines throughout, on the other hand, has the season’s richest material (TV Insider).

Teenage Bounty Hunters (Canceled after 1 Season) 

Scoring by Critics: 93%

Audience scoring: 97%

Description: The sixteen-year-old identical twin sisters Blair and Sterling join a veteran bounty hunter to take on the world of bail skipping villains. 

Critics Say: Teenage Bounty Hunters isn’t great television title, but it’s full of the kind of intimate, razor-sharp insight that can’t be accomplished by committee, or, really, by anyone afraid of falling flat (Variety).

Love ( Canceled after 3 Seasons) 

Scoring by Critics: 94%

Audience scoring: 87%

Description: Gus moves into an apartment complex with college kids after his unfaithful girlfriend left. An accidental meeting leads him to Mickey, an adventurous single lady who disdains her broadcasting job. 

Critics Say: Love manages to end under its own merits, with an unusually optimistic note. However, it also gives a few genuine twists that we certainly did not expect (Vulture).


Netflix sees minimal value in long-running shows and this is the main reason you can subscribe this service for your loved ones too, it is a gift they will appreciate.

 Above are some of the shows that the streaming giant canceled even despite garnering massive audiences and equally critical acclamation. 

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