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3 In-Demand Freelance Jobs To Explore In 2021

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The pandemic is hugely responsible for the rise of freelancers. From product innovation to team collaboration and data-driven outcomes, almost everything takes place in the online sphere now. 

To cope with the rapid changes brought by the global health crisis, more businesses have become more open to hiring remote employees. This is to maximize the abundance and convenience of working with independent workers who have specialized skills. 

Freelance Jobs

Freelance Career

Freelancing has become an attractive option for people who prefer to stay and work at home or those that are looking to use their skills to make money. Freelancers are given the opportunity to create and choose their schedules according to their priorities and lifestyle. It’s a flexible job arrangement that allows you to attend to your other responsibilities while generating compelling income. 

With the expansion and boom of freelance jobs today, it’s the best time to test out the market. If you fall into one of these in-demand careers, you’ll most likely be able to land a job soon. 

To guide you, below are three in-demand freelance jobs to consider and explore this year: 

  1. Copywriting

With quality content being declared the king of modern marketing, writing continues to be one of the most popular freelance jobs in the gig economy.

Nowadays, businesses turn to remote writers to produce results-driven content. If you have competent writing skills, there are promising roles waiting for you in the field.

While the writing landscape is a broad one, copywriting is still one of the most in-demand jobs. Copywriting involves marketing and selling your client’s products and services. Hence, you need to have the skills and finesse to know what makes your audience tick. You need to have the ability to understand their feelings and communicate with them using a language that’ll influence them to take action—buy an item, download a file, sign up for a newsletter, click on a link, and more.

What’s great is that copywriters don’t need formal education. However, the journey to the top will require perseverance and hard work. To become a reputable copywriter, you need to start from scratch, learn copywriting techniques, master the art of persuasive language, and build your portfolio.

All these will help you earn your writing credentials and establish your professional background. Consequently, this will help you become an attractive prospect during recruitment.

  1. Graphic Design

In addition to written content, creative design is part of the digital marketing strategy for a lot of businesses. Designs, illustrations, and images almost always accompany written content. 

Likewise, startup brands and entrepreneurs will have to hire designers to make their logo, create eye-catching products designs, create striking brochures, or even transform their website to make it more presentable. With this, graphic design continues its rise as a popular freelance job today. 

Contrary to what most people think, a diploma isn’t necessary to be a graphic designer. Your skills and creativity will matter more in the design arena. Developing the right skill set and credentials might be challenging, but it’s attainable. You can enroll in online design courses to help bring out your potential, refine your creative skills, learn how to use software and design programs, and the like. While you’re at it, you can start to work with your first few clients.

Over time, with your background and experiences, you’ll gain confidence and get the momentum going in your freelance career. 

  1. Video Creation And Editing

Video marketing has also skyrocketed since more people are leaning towards visual content to consume information, entertain themselves, and be educated. 

With the rise in the utility of video-sharing platforms, your video creating and editing skills will come in handy. You’ll be helping businesses materialize their ideas and vision for the brand, promote their services, and strengthen customer relationship. When successful, these marketing strategies can help increase customer engagement and profit.

Commonly, video creation and editing are paid on an hourly basis per project. Hence, if you’re able to work with a few clients per week, this can help you boost your income. Also, if you already have years of experience in the field, you’ll stand out from your competitors. With your background and skills, you can also charge a higher fee as you negotiate with your employer.

Final Thoughts

Today, the freelance market is heating up. It’s taking up space in career categories and is offering the workforce an array of flexible jobs with competent revenues. Because of this trend, the flow of opportunities in the job market is changing.

If you’re interested, this is the time to jump into the freelance landscape, explore your options, and match your skills with in-demand opportunities. By following the guide above, you can have an idea of the types of jobs you can start to apply for.

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