7 Engagement Ring Styles that Brides to be would Love

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Whether you get engaged in the presence of 10 people or 10,000 people, the essential part other than an emotional speech and the knee bent is your engagement ring. Given that you will be married to your partner in a few days, months or even a year, the engagement ring is something you will always love and enjoy wearing every day.

So the style you choose should be beautiful and unique enough that it does not get old with time. Here we have rounded up some of the best engagement rings Melbourne style that brides will love to wear in 2020 and forever.

1. Oval rings

If you are the one who always follows the trend, you will love the over rings for sure. Many of the top models and actresses wear oval stones at their engagement or wedding.

2. Three stone rings

Three stone rings look royal and epic. There has been a surge in popularity in this style lately. You can opt for the rings having three equal-sized diamonds or one larger stone in the centre into smaller side stones. This looks super chic for those who love to look sophisticated without compromising their calm personality.

3. Solitaire rings

They feature a single diamond in the centre mostly. This time and is centred on a gold ring. But to increase the glam you can add a diamond band along with the central diamond. It creates an effortless, unique and clean look. You will find many famous personalities wearing the very same rings.

4. 2 in 1 rings

You can combine two or more rings to create a unique style engagement ring. The more straightforward way is to use a ring which contains plane stones or diamonds and the one with a unique diamond cut in pear or Emerald shape. You can also choose a square-cut diamond with a double halo detail around the edge for a pear-shaped halo as well.

5. Twist detail

We all love a twist on a classic, and this style translates it. Many people believe that the bigger, the better but 2020 is much more about the minimal design in everything. These rings come with small diamonds in different shapes and sizes centered with a single diamond.

But based on your budget you can add a row of similar diamonds enwind within the band. There are endless options to insert more diamonds to the; you can put the diamond lime along with the band, just put a single diamond on every bend, add diamonds on the band except the bend etc.

6. Multiple stones

These rings contain three to five stones. All of these stones are lined on the band. They can be similar or different sizes. You can customize them as well, such as by changing the pattern of alignment of the diamonds. These rings cover across the finger and look great staffed with wedding bands.

7. Asscher cut diamond

If you are looking for some vintage inspiration when it comes to diamond cuts, opt for Asscher cut diamond. It looks incredibly modern, classic, simple and delicate. It is unique enough to be worn on every occasion

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