Glide With Glow: How to Get the Most of a Blusher Stick?

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A Blush Stick in your make-up stash works like magic to blur out all the flaws that other make-up product can’t do. For getting that post-make-up glow, a little tinch of blush on the cheeks makes the skin look fresh and radiant. Using the right blush shade makes you look healthy and young and enhances the skin tone. Be it long working hours or stepping out for any weekend plan, nothing can beat a few magical swipes of Blush that offers a natural color pop-up to the high points of the face. For getting the right coverage and flattering the facial features, given below are some super easy tips that will help to make your blush sessions convenient and quick. Scroll below to find out more.

Easy Tips to Apply Blush Perfectly

First Prep your Skin and Choose the Right Shade 

For that instant pop of radiance and to make sure the product stay put all day, always begin with a clean and moisturized face. If you apply blush on dry or oily skin, there are high chances of make-up getting smudged or cakey. Hence clean your face to wipe off any extra oil or grease and moisturize to make the skin texture supple and soft. It is quite obvious that to make the blush last longer, always begin with applying Face Primer. Also not to forget, always choose the right shade of blush that matches your skin tone. 

Start Applying the Blush in the Right Areas

When applying blush, you want to hit all the right spots. Blush gives a youthful radiance if it is applied rightly on the exact high points. You require applying the product strategically taking your face shape and structure into consideration. Once you are done with applying Waterproof Liquid Foundation Base, take a blush brush and apply the Blusher on the cheekbones in a sweeping upward motion and bringing it down. While blending, dab the make-up sponge or the brush upwards to add more depth and sharpness.

Blend it well for a Natural Color Finish

Invest in a good quality Blusher Brush to blend it evenly. Blush becomes easy to blend if you have got the right tool as they set off the blush shade seamlessly in the skin without any fine lines or patches. If blended well, that glow gets restored for long-lasting hours and doesn’t break or settle in the fine lines. While using a sponge or make-up blender, always damp it first and then blend so that it doesn’t wear off and color doesn’t fade away. 

Set the Blush

If you have overdone the blush then don’t worry. You can always fix it by blotting tissue paper on the face. You can also use a clean make-up brush to dust off the extra blush till it doesn’t become light. This hack will absorb any extra product from the skin without fading the color. To seal everything in place, don’t forget to spritz settingmake-up fixerbefore walking out and you are done!

Now be ready to blush with your sun-kissed look! 

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