Match Your Belt With Your Outfit For A Polished Look

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Men like to take care of their overall appearance. It is a common misconception that men do not think before getting ready and cannot build an outfit before going out. Men groom themselves in the best way possible. They have become more aware of what looks good on them and what does not. 

Belts are an accessory that can make or break an outfit. A Mens belt can be found in many designs and finishes. Therefore, it is advisable to have a variety of men’s belts in the closet. However, when it comes to styling a men’s belt with an outfit, special care has to be taken. Pairing your belt with your outfit makes you look more polished and sophisticated. 

In the blog below, we will be learning tips and tricks to match your belt with the rest of your outfit. Read on to know more.

Tips To Add Your Belt With Your Outfit

  • First and foremost, make sure you have a large variety of belts in your collection to make it easier for you to pick out a men’s belt whenever you plan an outfit.
  • A good-quality men’s belt goes a long way; therefore, buy premium quality belts made with sturdy material. Unfortunately, in pursuit of variety, many people invest in substandard-quality belts that are not flattering. It is better to buy a few fine-quality ones instead. 
  • The sure shot way to make any outfit look smart is using a technique known as ‘matching your leathers.’ This technique calls for you to match the leather belt with your leather shoes of the same color. It means that you must pair a brown leather belt with brown leather shoes. It is easy to do and makes you look presentable by putting in minimum effort. A leather belt is a standard accessory for men and goes a long way in enhancing the look. 
  • The most common mistake that men make while matching their men’s belts with their shoes is matching exact shades of black or brown. It is not necessary to match a dark brown belt with dark brown shoes, and vice versa. You have to match the color family, and you are good to go. For instance, if you have a black leather belt, it can go perfectly with a pair of grey leather oxfords or sneakers. So do not stick to the exact shade when trying to make your look cohesive. 
  • Another great way to match your belt and wallet with your outfit is to match your metals. This technique illustrates that the buckles of our belt must pair well with other metals on your outfit. For instance, if you wear silver cufflinks, your belt should have silver embellishments. In the same way, if you are wearing gold jewelry of any kind, your belt should ideally have a golden buckle for your outfit to have a good flow. 
  • When dressing for informal occasions, pay special attention t pairing your belt with every aspect of your look. It is generally confusing for people to do so while dressing casually, as most of us do not think of belts with casuals. However, modern men prefer to look well-dressed even during informal gatherings. It makes the right belts a necessity for them. 
  • Casual shoes such as sneakers, loafers, boots, etc., must also be paired with a good-looking belt. Remember to match dark black, charcoal, and grey shoes with a black belt. Similarly, dark brown, tan, and burgundy color shoes must be paired with a brown belt. For occasions when you are wearing vibrant color shoes, such as neon greens and yellows, a brown belt would go beautifully with them as well.
  • A popular way of using a men’s belt is to wear novelty belts with monotonous outfits. If you are wearing an outfit that does not have a lot of elements and is relatively plain, a funky belt or elaborate wallet can elevate the entire look significantly.
  • Contrary to the previous point, when your outfit has a lot of color or pattern, wearing overwhelmingly striking belts might muddle the look. Instead, try pairing a loud outfit with a muted leather men’s belt. It balances your look and lets you play with textures and patterns in your clothing. 

Picking the right attire for a specific occasion can be extremely hard if you do not know how to pair your accessories with it. By following the steps given above, you too can cohesively complement your outfit with a fine-quality belt and shine on the said occasion. A men’s belt is not just a necessity; it can instantly build up or tear down a look. If styled properly, a belt or wallet can go a long way in achieving that perfect look for men. 

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