A Take on the Top 10 iOS Apps for WordPress

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WordPress, a content management system that runs on PHP and MYSQL database, has gained immense fame over the years. As per an estimate, there are about 455,000,000 websites worldwide today that use WordPress. This figure is a staggering 20% of all the self-hosted websites on the internet today. Just goes to show the surging fame of this CMS.

But here’s a thing, while using a computer is a popular pick for handling WordPress, it’s virtually impossible to have such a device to work with all the time, and with such a huge user base for WordPress, opting for mobile solutions isn’t a bad choice for the ease of users. 

Today, there are various mobile applications for WordPress that are accessible to users without any hassle. These apps provide interactive solutions to not just the bloggers, but also to the end readers with multiple shortcuts and widgets. But the real question is, which are top picks amongst these apps? 

Well, to put a halt on this brewing question, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 iOS apps for WordPress that global users can access easily. These apps can not only ease the handling of WordPress websites but can also be an inspiration for you in case you’re ought to choose app developers for your app today. 

Top 10 iOS Apps for WordPress

Here’s our take on the top-grossing iOS apps for WordPress today. 

  1. BlogPress

Designed with the utmost care, BlogPress is a universal blog management platform that eases the management of other blogging platforms like WordPress, TypePad, Tumblr, and so on. Users get to integrate social media handles like Facebook and Twitter for hassle-free engagement between social media and websites. 

The notable take from BlogPress is the text-image mixed layout editor that ensures your blog is well organized. With another top of the line features like HTML quick insert shortcut and incorporated password protection, the app stands miles ahead of its competitors today. 

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  1. WordPress.Com

Featuring second in our list is WordPress. Com mobile app crafted specifically for the management of content through iOS devices. The app offers various features to users without charging a penny. Users get to create, edit, and add content on their website right through the mobile app without the need for any computer. What’s interesting about the app is that it has been designed to offer all features of WordPress in a smaller screen. 

Users can make additions to the contents they create like images, videos, gifs, and other featured images right through their iOS devices. The app even notifies the users if there’s any message from the visitor on their website. With other features like comments management and integration with other plugins, it is a near-perfect WordPress website management platform for all the hosts. has also been designed in such a way that it integrates Jetpack, one of the most promising plugins and ways of securing a WordPress website, seamlessly without any hassle. This allows users to speed-up the management and enhance engagement with social media handles. 

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  1. Ulysses

Another of those top iOS apps for WordPress, Ulysses helps you create and organize the content of your WordPress website with much ease. Users can write articles or blogs whenever they want and even preview it before finalizing the publishing. All the contents that are written can also be published straight through the app post the preview. 

The app is particularly renowned for its performance on Mac devices and offers simple and basic features without charging a penny with the advanced features being only a tap away. 

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  1. SimpleNote

Crafted by Automattic itself, the company behind WordPress, SimpleNote is a user-friendly iOS app for WordPress that enables the users to write and organize their notes and thoughts with the minimum of fuss. Useful for mobile management of WordPress, SimpleNote lets users share their content over multiple handles, and you can easily publish the content upon writing it on your website straight through the app. 

The notable feature of this app is the backup option for the contents. Once written and saved, there’s virtually no need to rewrite the content as it gets saved across all your devices. Hence, it is perfect for those who prefer simple yet efficient apps for content management. 

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  1. iA Writer

One of those apps considered best for distraction-free writing, iA Writer offers a good deal of features to the users. You can either jot your thoughts down or even write a whole novel through the app and export it to HTML. 

The app even offers a highly successful feature in the form of focus mode that allows writers to focus on a particular line or sentence while writing without any scope of distraction. Business insights can also be recorded without any hassle and edited as per requirement. What is telling about iA Writer is that it comes up with features like night mode, markdown feature and an option to integrate platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox across all devices. 

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  1. IFTTT

An all-round app as it is, the IFTTT mobile app allows users to connect all the third-party apps, tools and services they use in one place including the WordPress site. Users can automate the sharing of multiple channels, create posts and share, or post the content on a WordPress website, all with a minimum of hassle. 

The app is considered perfect for those who like to handle multiple things from one platform. Users may even have an option to remove a few plugins. 

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  1. Google Docs

One of the most well-renowned apps today, the Google Docs app works seamlessly on iOS devices. All users need is an active Gmail account to run the app. It offers all top of the line features that you can expect it to provide like creating and sharing contents, editing, interlinking, exporting of content, etc. 

Once created, the contents get saved across devices and can be easily accessed using a doc link. What is notable about Google Docs is that a whole team of writers can work on a single platform, create the content, and export it to any WordPress website they want with as much ease and comfort. Moreover, synchronization with this app is never a problem as it offers instant automatic synchronization of data saved. 

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  1. Zapier

Often recognized as the business version of IFTTT, Zapier is an iOS app for WordPress that lets users integrate multiple other apps with their WordPress website. It allows integration of as many as a hundred more apps to automate the work. 

Zapier is capable of integrating apps like Evernote, Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, and many more such apps with the WordPress website without any hassle. 

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  1. Blogsy

Perhaps the best alternative of the WordPress app if you hate using the post screen, Blogsy is an iOS app that boasts of multiple features like drag and drop editing, WordPress integration, and more formatting options. 

The app has been designed specifically to ease the process of posting content on a WordPress website. Best suited for iPad users, Blogsy can be accessed on all iOS devices. Users, however, have to pay at least $4.99 to access all the advanced features of the app. But with the kind of solutions Blogsy offers, the amount is definitely worth paying.

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  1. Evernote

Last but not the least in our list, Evernote is a go-to pick for many bloggers around the world today. The app allows users to take quick notes, save links, and share them across multiple devices. What is notable about the app is that it works seamlessly with other apps like IFTTT, Feedly, and many more. 

Users can integrate the app with WordPress, either through IFTTT or through platforms like Shareaholic that integrate Evernote to share live content on a WordPress website. 

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In a Nutshell

Today, WordPress continues to lead the line. With over 20% of share amongst the self-hosted websites, it is a CMS that’s a go-to choice for many bloggers, both experienced and beginners. In fact, for those who are in their early days of blogging, there are many guides for building a WordPress website available on the internet today. However, when it comes to easing the handling of websites, apps have a major role to play in it.  

Speaking of the top 10 iOS apps listed above, each one of them has been crafted keeping the ease of management in mind and promises to offer efficient solutions to WordPress websites hosts today. 

So if you like this article, let us know your views on the apps listed above or feel free to connect with us through our social media handles. 

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