Best Time to Visit Washington State

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Best Time to Visit Washington State. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Washington State and its capital is that Seattle is rainy. The state parts indeed have higher precipitation levels, but summers are relatively dry even in coastal and western parts of Washington. That is why, from March till September, many visitors come to this beautiful part of the US. But not all of Washington State has lousy weather throughout the better part of the year. Eastern Washington is in the rain shadow of high Cascades mountains and receives half of the rain Seattle gets annually. Places around Spokane, the second-largest city in the state, also get protection from the Rocky Mountains that stop most of the cold Canadian air in winter.      

Regardless of the season, foreign visitors need usa travel esta, an official entry permit in the US. Travelers from countries in the Visa Waiver program can apply via the online procedure, fill a detailed questionnaire, and wait approximately three days to answer the administration. Once you get travel authorization, you can visit the US in the next two years for up to 90 days.

Washington adventures

Washington is an excellent state for adventures. You can start with the most visited natural location in Snoqualmie Falls, a 268-foot waterfall on the Snoqualmie River. This spectacular spot has a special place in the native population. 

North Pacific coast is a perfect location for whale watching. Head down to San Juan Island and enjoy the guided tours where you could encounter orca whales, humpback, and gray whales.

You can start your adventures from Seattle and visit their Seafair with a summer tradition for over 60 years. While in Seattle, drink coffee in the first-ever Starbucks, and enjoy the view on the Seattle Great Wheel, or even higher from the Space Needle. 

Near Seattle, you can find Olympic National Park with temperate rainforest, rugged coastline, and plenty of natural attractions. You can explore the Cascades, a national park and mountain range with Mount Saint Helens as the highest peak to the east. 

East of the Cascades starts eastern Washington, which lives in the rain shadow thanks to this high mountain range

Things to do in eastern Washington

With much less rain than in Washington’s coastal part, the eastern part also has plenty of attractions. You can visit Grand Coulee Dam, an impressive mile long and 550 feet high dam. One of the largest such buildings in the world is a spectacular sight.

Columbia National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to spot the golden eagle, along with the likes of moose, coyotes, and beavers. The refuge is located between Shirner and Hutchinson lakes. Another State Park is located in Whitman County. Steptoe Butte has 150 acres, and with an elevation of 3,612 feet, it is a dream place for photographers that can capture the beauty of adjacent farmlands.

Check out unusual mineralized trees in Ginkgo Forest State Park, go for a hike, swimming in the lake, or fishing. 

Little to the north of the state, you can explore more than a million-acre of old forests in the Colville National forest with picturesque valleys and three mountain ranges Kettle River, Selkirk, and the Okanogan.

Day trips from Spokane 

The largest town in eastern Washington is Spokane. The river Spokane runs through the city, and the cultural, educational, and economic center of the region offers plenty of attractions. You can catch the Gonzaga college basketball game while in town, or you can explore the beautiful area around the city. 

One of the national best bike and trail experiences is Hiawatha Trail, which takes you through 10 tunnels and several bridges. You will get a glimpse of a historic railroad while going down all the way.

The end of the Ice Age brought drastic changes to the landscape of Washington and surrounding states. A great example is the Dry Falls, a site that once featured waterfalls five times bigger than the Niagara Falls. 

Near the Dry Falls, there is a scenic Soap Lake, with mineralized water where you can swim and enjoy the particular place’s peace for local native Americans. 

Go to the historic Wallace town where you can see how silver miners worked at Sierra Solver Mine. While in Wallace, visit the Oasis Bordello Museum. 

How far is Spokane from Seattle 

Spokane also has attractions, and the most popular is Spokane Falls. Two great parks include Manito Park and Riverfront Park. Spokane is around 280 miles east of Seattle. You can reach the state capital in about 4 hours and 10 minutes down the I-90 E. 

Washington is among the safest overall states in the country, but there are still some unsafe areas in Washington Tukwila and Spokane head the list of places with the highest crime rate (even very low). Tacoma is third, and Shelton in Mason County also experiences some property crime and slim chances of being a victim of violence. Seattle and Aberdeen follow in this list.

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