An Introduction To The Popular Game Call Of Duty: Warzone

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There are so many games around the world. In the real world, there are games like football, cricket, basketball, etc. But, people are more into video games. This is because video games make them look into an unrealistic world. The world is not real, and a person can do anything he/she wants to do. Some people play video games as it provides them comfort and releases their stress.

Battle games are the most liked and famous games in the world. This is because people love to play them and kill their opponents, which can’t be done in reality. Gamers even make live streams of these games and make lots of money through them. Let’s get into the deep of this game.

How it initiated?

The version ‘warzone’ has been released on March 10, 2020. This is a free-to-play game, which means you can find this game on the web very easily and download it. This game was a part of Modern warfare earlier, but then due to some issues, this version got a refusal, and it didn’t release. After that, this version was released as a part of Modern Warfare 2 on the date as mentioned above. This game was only made to play in the PlayStations, Xbox, and windows only. But now, this is also available in smart phones too.

There were so many difficulties that came in the way of the publisher while releasing this game. One month before the release date of this game, a blog website published some news for the release of this version. But somehow, the publisher managed to remove that news from the website. After that, a new problem came in the way of the publisher, which is, YouTube. Influencer put a video on YouTube about this game, and the publisher then also somehow managed to remove it. After these barriers, the publisher announced the release date of the game immediately.


There are so many features of this game that make it different from other games. This game is a mixture of so many amazing features, like types of maps, ammunition and guns, types of modes, cheats, hacks, etc. Let’s discuss its features.

  1. Kind of maps 

There are two kinds of maps in this game, which are ‘Verdansk’ and the second one is ‘Rebirth Island.’ The Verdansk is a city map, in which there are buildings and vehicles and military base camps are there. There is an island with a few houses in the Rebirth Island and lost things and forests in it. You will find the rebirth island in the Black ops version also, but it has a ‘blackout’ mode in the warzone, which makes it different from Black ops.

  • Types of Modes

There are two types of modes in the warzone version. The first one is ‘Battle Royale’ and the second one is the ‘Plunder.’ These two modes make this game different from other battle games. These modes can’t be described; a person has to play the game to get a mind-blowing experience. There is so much similarity between the warzone and the blackout mode, but the thing that makes it different is that warzone is less relied on gadgets and equipment and is more relied on a new game-in currency called cash. There are so many other modes and variations in this game also.In the updates of this version, you will get those modes and variations. Some of them are BR Buy packs, Armored Royale, Minii Royale, etc.

  • Equipment

The equipment used in this game is of the next level. In the very beginning, a player will get an X16 pistol. There are so many other equipments also in this game like shields, pistols, machine guns, AK-47, and so on. At a particular level, the shields will get unlocked, and they will be increased according to the increase in your levels. You can also buy equipment with its new feature of cash. By earning and picking cash from the dead opponent, you can buy equipment in the game. 

  • Warzone warnings and removals

This game has so many other features which will bring your experience to heights with this game. There are some cheats and hacks, which will make your gaming experience good. Hacks like extrasensory perception (ESP) will provide you an x-ray glass which will help you to detect your opponent easily. Using this glass, you can even see your opponent through the solid surfaces too.

You will face some of the barriers while playing like fog and smoke will come in front of you in the game, which will confuse you while finding your opponent. But, there are some hacks, or you can say eft cheats which will help you make your way clear. There are some warnings in the game, too, which will make you play more. These warnings are like; the game will inform you if your opponent points you. A warning will appear on your screen, and you will know that you are at the point and you can save yourself from being shot.

These cheats and hacks are so much useful. Every game has cheats and hacks, but this game has an advanced level of cheats which can even make you alive after killed by your opponent. You can find these cheats on the web.

The Call of Duty franchise has always been the cornerstone of competitive gaming. With that said, Vanguard, the newest addition to the franchise presents itself with tons of graphical improvements. Therefore, assemble PC from the MVP at a reasonable cost for the best performance possible.


Knowing about all these factors of the game, a person can say that the publisher would have a great mind that made this game. This game is inclusive of so many features, which one cannot get from any other game. Some of the features discussed above are maps, types of maps, equipment, and warzone warnings and removals. We also had discussed the cheats and hacks of this game that make this game better than the other games. 

There are so many battle games worldwide, but one cannot find a game like this. This game gives a person a feeling of playing in the real world, as it has mind-blowing graphics through which it seems to be so real. 

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