7 Amazing Facts About Cartoon Series You Need to Know

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Cartoon series and movies have evolved a lot over the years. From animation to story as well as visuals and soundtracks, cartoon series has become a sensation for little kids as well as teenagers. 

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most amazing facts about classic cartoon series that most people don’t know. These facts are not so well-known but if you are the kind of person who grew up watching cartoons, these factors would be quite astonishing for you.   

Here are the most amazing facts about cartoon series that you need to know

Snow White was the First Cartoon Series to Release a Soundtrack 

Cartoon series and movies by Disney didn’t always have a soundtrack. Snow White was the first film ever by Disney that included a soundtrack. The track was a big hit, and this is what inspired Disney to add soundtracks to the rest of their movies. 

Snow White came out in 1944 and has been translated into man languages over the years. This movie is available on Movierulz along with other cartoons and the latest animated movies. The Soundtrack trend in Disney movies has become kind of a tradition now. Even the latest Disney princess movies have soundtracks.  

Mickey Mouse Cameoed in the Pinocchio Movie

Mickey Mouse has been the mascot for Walt Disney ever since it was first introduced in 1928. It is one of the classics by Disney and the character has undergone many updates over the years. 

Walt Disney has added Micky Mouse as a cameo in several movies. Pinocchio is the most popular name in the list of movies that have Micky Mouse cameo. Although the reference is not so obvious, you can clearly see it when Pinocchio sets his finger on fire and runs to Geppetto to put the fire out.

Dumbo is the Shortest Feature Film by Disney 

Disney has made a lot of movies over the years. Now, Disney has shifted its focus towards making live-action movies based on the classics stories that they have made so far.  

Dumbo is another one of the most well-known movies by Disney. It is available in kisscartoon rick and morty and other online streaming services. Dumbo is the shortest movie by Disney and is just 1 hour and 4 minutes long. This is the shortest runtime of all the movies that have been released by Disney. 

Lady & The Tramp Cartoon Series is Inspired by a Real Dog

Lady and the Tramp is one of the most popular stories by Disney. If you love this cartoon series, then you’d love the fact that it is based on a real dog.

Joe Grant, one of the writers at Disney showed his sketches of Lady, his Dog to Walt Disney. Walt loved the design and asked Joe to create a complete story of it. Joe Grant’s dog served as the inspiration for this legendary story.    

The Original Sleeping Beauty Cartoon Series was a Massive Flop 

Sleeping Beauty was quite badly received by the box office and the viewers. The movie came out in 1959 and it was such a massive bomb that the company decided not to make princess movies from then own. They thought that princess movies won’t work in the future. 

But they were obviously proved wrong when they released the little mermaid in 1989, nearly 30 years after the release of the sleeping beauty. This is what got the Disney princess movies to be created again.    

Jackie Chan Voiced the Beast in the Chinese Translation for the Movie 

In the Chinese translation for the movie Beauty and the Beast, Jackie Chain voiced the beast. He voiced the beast in the entire movie, along with the songs that were performed in the movie. The movie was a huge sensation among the Disney Princess movies enthusiasts, and it topped box offices all around the world.   

Scar from the Lion King (1994) was a Throw Rug in Hercules (1997)   

In the movie Lion King, Zazu says to Mufasa that Scar would make a nice throw rug. The Lion King was released in 1994 and although the statement was initially meant to be just a joke. The creators decided to channel that statement and added a throw rug very similar to Scar in the movie Hercules in 1997. Talk about a throwback.   

Final Words

This is it! There are the most amazing facts about the Cartoon series that we believe you should know. Visit Wpe Pro to learn more facts about the latest Cartoon Series in 2021. Most of the facts that we talked about in this article are related to Disney movies because they have made the most contribution in the Cartoons series industry. Disney movies have always been a sensation for kids as well as adults. 

Which of these Cartoon Series facts was the most interesting for you? Let us know in the comments section. 

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