Why You Need to Prepare for Core Web Vitals Before Your Competition

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Are you ready for Google’s Core Web Vitals update? If you’re not, you’re not alone. In fact, recent data shows that only about 12-13% of studied sites are ready for the update.

We know that the Core Web Vitals update will be a big one. But it’s nearly impossible to predict how any update will impact any single site.

However, three things are typically true of any major Google update:

1.       Following proven organic SEO tactics is always the best way to go

2.       Preparing for an update in advance is easier than trying to react after the fact

3.       Doing #1 and #2 before your competitors is a big advantage

And with an update this big on the horizon, you definitely want to be more prepared than The Other Guys before the update actually hits.

Here’s why.

You Can Fix Problems That are Hurting You Right Now

This update is a great excuse to revisit your SEO strategy and update it. This could include things like rerunning your SEO keyword research, pruning your content, or auditing your site’s speed and user experience.

Google has stated that meeting the thresholds for Core Web Vitals means that your users will be 24% less likely to abandon your page. That’s because this update will reward site owners who remove the typical user experience problems like:

·          A lack of security

·          Slow speeds

·          Bad mobile experiences

If your site struggles with any of those issues, they are hurting your website right now. And they are poised to be even bigger problems after the update.

Prevent a Drop in Sales

If your business relies on your eCommerce site, you absolutely cannot afford to take any chances with SEO. Any drop in rankings or traffic will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

A recent study revealed that almost 90% of eCommerce sites failed the Core Web Vitals test. This means there could be a seismic wake-up call coming for a lot of eCommerce sites out there. Falling out of the rankings could mean gift wrapping leads and sales to higher-ranking competitors, until you can find your way back onto the front page.

Update-Proof Your SEO Results

You never really achieve SEO success—you simply maintain it.

If your company only pays attention to SEO before and after a major update, you’re probably going to struggle. But if your company pays attention to SEO 12 months of the year, you are going to be in a much more comfortable place before and after major updates.

It’s easier to do the right things every day than it is to try to figure out what went wrong the day after an update.

If your competitors are currently among the millions of sites that are not ready for the Core Web Vitals update, this presents an amazing opportunity for you. Doing a little bit of work today can unlock some amazing results tomorrow.

Each major update generally has winners and losers. And the work you do today helps to determine which side you will be on.

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