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CPWD Full Form : Central Public Works Department

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The (CPWD) is a government organization in India responsible for maintaining and managing public infrastructure. The CPWD full form is Central Public Works Department. Public works departments are public institutions that take care of all sorts of activities or development undertakings in India.

CPWD is a government body responsible for building public resources like government construction, bridges, highways, public transportation, water sources, and others.

In other words, we can say that the Central public works department is the government department that deals with the construction and management of public infrastructure such as government buildings, water systems, roads, bridges, etc.

The work of the Indian government is handled by CPWD, formerly conducted by the military. Until the 19th Century, the responsibility for public works was transferred to the Indian Civil Service.

The Central Public Works Department is a central government agency, while the Public Work Department is found in the state governments.

CPWD Responsibilities

CPWD has a wide range of activities and responsibilities in water resources development, including: 

  • Dealing with disasters is a responsibility of the CPWD, which happens to undertake construction.
  • The CBI is responsible for providing clean drinking water in their town. The broken water pipeline is a project they are responsible for and ensuring there are no interruptions to anyone’s drinking water supply.
  • Central Public Works Development is responsible for all the government public works, such as roads and highways, building and developing highways, and maintaining and upgrading government buildings. Central Public Works Development is given the same duties as a typical public work agency in India.

To meet current and future water resources management challenges, CPWD employs various innovative techniques, including participatory rural appraisal, environment-friendly design, rainfall forecasting, calibrated irrigation scheduling, and real-time river basin management.

CPWD Work Categories

The work and responsibilities of the Central Public works department are mainly divided into four categories such as –

  • Construction and maintenance of any building owned or occupied by the government
  • Building, developing, and ensuring the safety of roads, motorways, and flyovers, among other things.
  • Building and maintaining structures such as bridges, etc.
  • Drinking-Water System.

Some other famous CPWD full forms

CPWD full form- Center for Professional Workforce Development

CPWD full form- Center for People With Disabilities

CPWD’s Financial Resources

The corporation’s revenue comes from various sources, including fees charged for its services, investment income, and sales of goods and services. CPWD also receives government appropriations. In the fiscal year 2016-17, the corporation had total revenue of Rs. 1,728 crore and expenses of Rs. 1,764 crores.

CPWD has maintained a healthy balance sheet thanks to its diversified revenue sources and prudent spending. The corporation has grown its capital reserves over the past few years by investing in debt securities and other financial assets. Total capital reserves as of March 31 were Rs. 2,096 crores.

What is CPWD full form in Hindi?

Full form of CPWD is केंद्रीय लोक निर्माण विभाग. CPWD is a government-run corporation responsible for maintaining and improving public infrastructure in India. CPWD employs over 1 million people, manages over Rs 2.5 trillion in assets, and maintains a network of 123,000 roads, 730 bridges, and 400 dams. In addition to its core responsibilities, CPWD also engages in various other activities such as power generation, irrigation systems management, urban development projects, and disaster relief.

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