The Most Effective Method To Create A WooCommerce Order Form For Easier Shopping

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Customers these days try to find quick and efficient shopping solutions. Online shopping has become a major part of our life. The E-commerce industry has been on the rise for a few years now. There are millions of online stores that are selling different products. Many e-commerce websites have a well-established customer base. Such websites need to retain and grow their customer base. Their customers come back to their platforms for purchasing their products. You must offer them quick and effective ways to easily find the products they want. Let’s look into how you can make the product selection and buying process easy for them.

Plugins can help to provide effective methods to create an order form for easier shopping

If you’re running your e-commerce store on WooCommerce, then you should know that WooCommerce offers several native and third-party plugins. These plugins are developed to offer different e-commerce solutions.

Quick order plugins are one of these plugins and they offer quick order solutions to your customers. Let’s say if you’ve several repeat buyers who regularly purchase your products and whenever they come to your store, they know what they want to purchase. In such a case, it is important to ease the buying process for them. You should customize your store in a way that when they come to your store looking for a specific product, they get to it easily.

If you wish to turn them into loyal customers, then making the buying & ordering process easy and faster for them is very important.

Let’s learn about the quick order plugin.

Quick Order for WooCommerce

WooCommerce quick order form can make things easy for your customers. It is a great feature for those e-commerce websites where customers know what they want and don’t want the waste their time looking for the product. Every B2B e-commerce store needs to integrate WooCommerce quick order form to their online store. Once you have integrated Quick Order Form for WooCommerce to your store, your customers will be able to easily find specific products. They won’t need to waste time looking through the catalog to find a specific product.

Let’s learn about features of Quick Order for WooCommerce.


  • Search field Quick order form for WooCommerce provides a search field that is very easy to deploy anywhere you want in your store. It will help your customers to quickly search for the product.
  • Search options Search options are not limited to specific options only. This quick order form is very flexible when it comes to searching for the products. Your customers can enter anything related to the product and they’ll find the required product. If your customer knows the product code, he can enter the code or if he wants to search for a specific type of product he can enter the name. E.g. if your customer wants to buy a hoodie and but he doesn’t know the product code, he can just type the hoodie in the search field under the Products column.
  • Thumbnail It can be difficult for your customers to identify a product if they don’t know the product code. In this quick order form, a thumbnail of the products is also shown which makes it easier to select products quickly without the need to verify it by opening the product in the catalog.
  • Quantity The sole purpose of the quick order form for WooCommerce is to enable your customers to quickly buy the products without exploring the catalog. Using this quick order form on your e-commerce store, you can enable your customers to quickly find the product and then select the quantity of the product that you want to order.
  • Price Your customers will be able to see the price of all the products selected in a single order.
  • Multiple order selection The majority of the B2B e-commerce clients are busy decision makers and they don’t want to waste their time. Quick order for WooCommerce enables such clients to quickly order the products from their regular e-commerce sellers. You can order multiple types of products at once. Unlike a typical e-commerce website where you need to select each product separately and then adding them to the cart, quick order form removes this hassle. You can order multiple products from the quick order form.

Benefits of Quick Order Form for WooCommerce

Quick order form for WooCommerce hugely helps the B2B e-commerce stores. B2B e-commerce stores need to be right on top of their game all the time, otherwise, they can be easily replaced with other sellers. The fact is, customers are always looking for high-quality user experience and this fact applies very accurately when it comes to the B2B e-commerce industry. Quick order form can help the sellers to upgrade their e-commerce websites powered by WooCommerce by using the plugin.

Let’s learn about some benefits of the quick order form for WooCommerce.

  • Fast and easy order Quick order form helps your customers to quickly find the products, select the quantity of the products, and then add to the cart quickly. Your customers won’t need to explore the catalog to find the required product, the quick order form will do the job for them.
  • Time saving option Your clients can’t afford to waste their time finding the required products from the catalog. Quick order form not only makes the product selection easy but also saves the time and effort of your customers.
  • High-quality user experience User experience is everything! You need to offer a high-quality user experience to your customers. Failing to do so will result in losing potential clients. A quick order form ensures that your customers are getting a high-quality user experience.
  • Build a loyal customer base There’s no big achievement in e-commerce than building a big and loyal customer base. Quick order form helps to provide high-quality and efficient user experience by easing the product selection and order process.


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