Elevator shoes – New Options for Men

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For much of the modern age of fashion, height has been at the forefront for both men and women. Women have had the option of heels, and up until recently, there have not been many options for men, this change with the introduction of guidomaggi elevator shoes. It also begs the question of the benefits of elevator shoes, them being relatively new to the cultural zeitgeist. 

Height is a central focal point and topic of discussion and thought in the world. But can elevator shoes truly provide significant results in this space? This article will give you an overview of what elevator shoes are, the benefits of wearing them, and if they are for you. So let’s dive in and get to the bottom of this high-rising footwear item.

What are Elevator Shoes?

You may find yourself asking, “Elevator shoes? Didn’t those stay in the ‘80s?” Well, no. That was platform shoes, a close cousin and precursor to the elevator shoes. However, whereas the platform shoe has the lift outside, elevator shoes have their lift hidden inside the shoe.

The design of the platform shoe involves a significant incline not unlike a wedge heel on the inside of the shoe, effectively inverting the heel effect. This factor allows for a lift in height without giving away too much on the exterior. 

Discretion is the primary goal of these shoes. They set out to provide men with an option for increasing their height without giving it right away. The key clientele here is those trying to hide this height adjustment, it would seem. Thus, elevator shoes provide a less obvious solution than, say, adding to the heel of a typical existing male shoe.

The fact that this design is applied to the inside of the shoe means that it can be used in any shoe style. Casual, dress and formal can all benefit from a bit of a lift and give you plenty of options for your new look.

What are the Benefits of Elevator Shoes?

There are a good amount of benefits to this style of shoe. First, the form allows for a broad range of inclines that can go from giving a 4-inch lift to correcting the angle that your feet naturally sit on the shoe.

The obvious first benefit of the shoe is that of confidence. Height can be a significant source of insecurity for men. Fixing that at least temporarily can be a big boost to self-esteem, which in turn, could help things like posture as well.

This effect is the main intended benefit means that seeing results in this aspect of the shoe is a primary concern for manufacturers. This reasoning means you can rest assured that the shoes themselves very much so work as intended.

Another benefit of elevator shoes is that they can be used to correct legs that are different lengths. The amount of height given to each heel can be changed so that one heel might have no lift and the other might have a good deal more. 

This feature can be a massive help to people with injuries and stunted growth plates in their legs. Having a hidden alternative to platform shoes that achieve the same purpose is a welcome change and can go a long way to boost confidence and provide a helpful solution to a genuine medical issue.

They can also be contoured to correct a variety of stance and posture issues. For example, those with bow legs, inverted stances, and pigeon toes can all change the orientation of their lift to fit whichever problem they may be dealing with.

The elevator shoe essentially takes the idea behind many insoles and builds it into the shoe. What gives elevator shoes the upper hand here is the extra room that is included in the design to make up for this heel taking up space.

The advantage of height can go a long way. From giving the edge in the business world to being seen as a more viable romantic candidate, there are many ways a little extra height can help from elevator shoes. 

Despite social progress making leaps and bounds, height requirements remain an important qualification for romantic partners. While this does all come down to preference, only one side of the scale can really be adjusted. 

Someone of above average height would have a hard time losing some of that height, but someone on the lower end of the spectrum has a chance at adding a couple of inches. These shoes can provide that and might even give the advantage in a relationship search.

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