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Casinos in Japan What You Should Know Although they are officially still called the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for marketing, advertising, and not spending millions of dollars redoing everything that had already been done, we all know that because of the COVID-19 pandemic the Olympic Games could not be held last year as scheduled. However, it is now official that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, if held this year, specifically, were held from July 23, 2021 to August 8, 2021, with Tokyo Olympic Stadium headquartered. And while there is still no official data, millions of tourists are expected to visit Japan during the Olympics, and in addition to enjoying each and every event that will be presented, they will also spend thousands of dollars on lodging, restaurants, and of course entertainment. 

Aware of this, the Japanese authorities have taken a big step in terms of Japan Casino legislation as, believe it or not until 2018, casinos were completely banned in Japan. More importantly, until not so long-ago gambling was banned in Japan, albeit with some exceptions such as horse racing, bike racing, motorcycle racing, and speedboat racing. These sports in Japan are known as public sports, i.e., public careers that can be legally wagered. You can also play and bet legally for a long time on the lottery, be it the lottery of unique numbers, the lottery of selected numbers, and scratch cards. 

But the good news, as we had already told you, is that since 2018 casinos in Japan are legal, albeit with certain restrictions that will not apply to foreign tourists. As for these restrictions, Japanese will only be able to visit casinos three times in a week, or ten times in a month, plus they will have to pay to enter the casino of their choice 6,000 yen. As far as is known in the near future, three casinos will be established in the form of integrated resorts in different locations in Japan, and each of them must compete for one of the three licenses that are available. 

Among the city’s most likely to win a casino license are Osaka, Nagasaki, as well as Tokyo, the country’s capital. Online Casino Games Another good news is that in Japan you will be able to play online casino games without any problem, as long as it is with an external provider, that is, that it is not Japanese. In this way you will enjoy the traditional casino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, keno, as well as the different variants of poker such as Caribbean poker, capped poker, Casino Hold’em, Texas hold ’em, video poker, among many others. Finally, it is strongly recommended to stay away from the illegal casinos that in Japan often abound, and thus avoid problems with the law.

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