How To Explain Health Insurance To Your Parents

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With age, medical issues keep piling up, and so do the medical bills. To safeguard ourselves and our dependent family members from the increasing healthcare costs, a solid health insurance plan is a must. It is an important aspect of maintaining good health and financial security. However, health insurance can be a complex and confusing topic, especially for older adults who may not be as familiar with the ins and outs of the healthcare system. If you have dependent or ageing parents, protecting them with best possible healthcare would be top of your priority list. It is imperative to take the time to explain what is health insurance to your parents in a way that they can understand so they can make informed decisions about their healthcare. 

Here are some tips for explaining health insurance to your parents:

  1. Start with the basics

Explain what is health insurance and why it is important. They should understand that health insurance is designed to protect individuals and families from high medical costs. For example, health insurance helps cover the cost of doctor visits, medical treatments, tests, procedures, and hospital stays. It also provides peace of mind knowing that they will be able to afford necessary healthcare services without having to worry about the cost.

  1. Use simple language

Avoid using medical or insurance jargon, and instead, use plain language that is easy for your parents to understand. For example, instead of saying “co-pay,” say “the amount you have to pay when you go to the doctor.”

  1. Provide examples

Use real-life examples to illustrate how health insurance works. For example, you could explain that if your parents have a health insurance plan, they will only have to pay a certain amount for a doctor’s visit, whereas if they don’t have insurance, they would have to pay the full cost of the visit. These examples can help them understand the benefits of a health insurance plan better.

  1. Explain the different types of plans

There are several types of health insurance plans available such as individual health insurance, senior citizen health insurance, family floater health insurance, and critical health insurance plans, among others. Explain the differences between the different plans and help your parents understand which one may be the best fit for them. The insurance requirements will vary depending on their age, medical history, and the amount of coverage they require. They should also be explained the premium and sum assured for their chosen plan. 

  1. Discuss coverage options

Make sure your parents understand what their health insurance plan covers, such as doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, routine and preventative checkups, hospital stays, pre and post-hospitalisation costs, and daycare procedures. They should also be updated with the network of hospitals your insurance provider has partnered with, for ease of treatment. By being familiar with everything that is included in your policy, they can focus on their health without any stress. 

You should also explain any limits or exclusions that may be included in their plan. An oversight in terms of the exclusions can quickly lead to high medical bills which might not be covered by their insurance provider. To avoid such a situation from happening, you should help them get familiar with this. You can take them to the Chola health insurance website to help them better understand this better. 

  1. Provide them with online resources and brochures

Many insurance companies have brochures and online resources that explain the different options available. Provide them with these materials to help them make an informed decision.

  1. Explain the Claims Procedure to them

There can be times when you are not around. If a situation of emergency arises during such a time, it is important that your parents are aware of how a claims process works and the documents they need to submit to avail the claim. Such documents should be easily accessible to them at all times. Make sure to explain to your parents whether your policy works on a cashless or reimbursement claims basis. Chola health insurance ensures a stress-free claim procedure, with a step-by-step guide available at all times on their website. 

  1. Encourage them to ask questions

Your parents may have questions or concerns about health insurance that you haven’t thought of. Encourage them to ask questions and provide clear and concise answers.

Explaining what is health insurance to your parents can be a challenging task, but by providing them with clear and simple explanations, you can help them feel more confident and up to speed when it comes to making decisions about their healthcare. You can help them understand that investing in healthcare policy for them is an act of care and responsibility. At Chola MS, we offer a number of health insurance plans and additional riders suited to your varied requirements. Have a look at our website to see the different options Chola health insurance has for you and your family. By getting your parents a Chola health insurance policy, you can be at peace with the knowledge that they are well taken care of. With an easy claim procedure and agents ready to help you out at any time you need, Chola health insurance has you covered.

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