How to Start an Insurance Agency: 7 Tips for Success

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For entrepreneurs who want to create a small business that provides a steady stream of income for years to come, an insurance agency is an ideal opportunity, as customers buy the products to ensure coverage continues. 

Some of the insurance products you could sell as an insurance company include life insurance, annuities, long-term health products, insurance for vehicles, homeowners, property, causality, disability, etc. Here are the crucial steps required to start your insurance agency.

1. Plan Your Business

Never underestimate a solid and well-thought-out business plan. And when it comes to starting a successful insurance agency, it’s essential. Your insurance business plan should include key ideas. Among other things, it should highlight your goals and the vision of your company; it should describe your operations plan; it should offer detailed financial and budget proposals, which will account for both the initial and ongoing costs; it should define your target audience, and it should include strategic marketing and sales plans, to determine how you will reach, attract and turn them into clients. 

The first year of running a new business is decisive. But with a concise and well-thought-out business plan, you will be able to stay organized and focused, as well as avoid making mistakes or missing important steps.

2. Take Care of the Necessary Legal Procedures

To run an insurance agency, you may need various licenses and permits, which may differ from state to state. You can visit the SBA reference to state licenses and permits to find out more about the licensing requirements in your state. Failure to comply may result in fines. To start running your insurance agency, you will also have to become a licensed agent, form a legal entity, register an LLC, register for taxes, open a business bank account and a credit card, and get business insurance. 

3.  Choose Between a Franchise and Your Own Agency

Choose between buying a franchise and opening an independent insurance agency. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a franchise is that from the get-go you would start operating under a well-established name. Besides, you would have access to “in-house” financing provided by the parent company. There are also advantages to opening an independent agency. The biggest one is that you will have the freedom to choose the services and products you will provide. Not to mention the satisfaction of building your own successful brand. 

4. Get the Necessary Funding

Developing a professional business plan with a detailed financial plan will make a huge difference when the time comes to get a business loan or find investors or partners. To create a financial plan, you have to list all the initial and ongoing expenses, including but not limited to: office supplies, rent, staff costs such as salaries and benefits, and insurance, such as liability and errors and omissions insurance.

5.  Locate a Suitable Office

Clients and potential employees will judge how trustworthy you are based on many factors, and your office space is one of those factors. As an insurance company, you must have a great office. It should be with a well-maintained exterior and interior, decorated professionally and in good taste, with great furniture, etc. It should provide enough space for a reception area, one or several offices depending on your needs, and a conference room for holding initial client consultations, workshops, and team meetings.

6. Build a Marketing Strategy

Agents won’t simply start showing up at your door asking to join your company. You need a solid marketing and advertising strategy if you want to build a reputation for your brand, establish yourself as an authority, and eventually grow your business. Investing in digital media is a great start. A good official website and active social media profiles, where you will post high-quality relevant content frequently will be vital for your success. 

Additionally, you should start going to events where you can meet other agents and promote your agency’s services. You can also start networking by contacting agents directly through LinkedIn and other suitable social media platforms.


Starting an insurance agency is challenging but a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs. Following these tips will guarantee that your business is not only registered properly and compliant with all applicable laws, but also carefully designed and equipped with great strategies for success.

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