How to get Red Keycard in Escape from Tarkov?

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Getting a Red Keycard in Escape from Tarkov is tricky, they are very rare in the game and it’s unlikely you will find one even with 10 more more run attempts. For those who don’t know, the Red Keycard can only be found at the resort on the Shoreline. This is the keycard that you need to access the laboratory security arsenal in The Lab.

The Red Keycard can only be found in that one place and is hard to find. One Reddit user actually farmed it 24 hours straight with 125 raids and didn’t get a single one( ). This is a very hard card to get so it’s easy to see why so many players are out looking for EFT Red Keycards for sale, just to get one.  There are different websites available to buy some of the EFT Red Keycards for sale but you need to ensure you do your due diligence to check the safety of the website.

If you’re determined to get the Escape from Tarkov keycard for yourself then these locations should help you a bit. The keycard has three potential spawn locations at the

  • On a water barrel in the West Wing Room 218
  • On a metal table in the East Wing Room 218
  • In a locker in the Basement Gym

You will want to check each location on every attempt to see if the Red Keycard did spawn. While farming for the Red Keycard will help to generate money for you in EFT, it’s very rare to find the card this way. The most efficient way is to actually just buy the card. Either from an in-game seller if you can find one (which will be very expensive in-game) or by going through a marketplace website which might also seem a bit expensive. Keep in mind that this is a very difficult to find item which makes it extremely rare and valuable in this game. It’s only natural then that any EFT Red Keycard for sale would have a larger price tag attached to it than most other items in this game.

Here are some other tips to help find a Red Keycard:

  • You can do the Shoreline runs as many times you like with or without other players
  • There are usually a lot of players all trying to find them so you could form a team to work together. Reduces the boredom that can come from grinding like this!
  • It’s possible to do the Red Keycard run in around 5 minutes using just a pistol
  • Even if you don’t find a Red Keycard, you can earn a lot of money on these runs and find other Keycards too

There are definitely benefits to attempting the Shoreline run to find a Red Keycard. However, don’t go into it expecting to find one! Expecting to find one is just going to result in disappointment. Make sure you check the spawn locations of course but aim to clear the area to collect as much gold and goodies as possible so it was a worthwhile trip regardless.

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