Ideas for the Perfect Small Gaming Room

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We all wish we had a big room we could turn into the perfect gaming zone. Whether you use consoles, PC or both, you probably already have your ideal room planned out in your head. But only having a small room available doesn’t mean those dreams have to be laid to rest.

We’ve put together a list of the most important things for you to consider when it comes to designing a small gaming room.

Choose your tech

Everything in your gaming room is going to revolve around the technology you use to play games. If you use consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, you’ll be designing something more akin to a living room. If you prefer gaming PCs, it’s going to be more of an office setup. Of course, if you play on both consoles and PC, you’ll be looking at a hybrid design.


In a small gaming room, it’s imperative that you make the most of what little space you have. Draw a floorplan or use an online room planner and begin filling it with furniture. 

Don’t be put off by any awkward corners or sloped ceilings – bespoke furniture is always an option. For those designing on a budget, you can also look into furniture you can alter yourself, or shop around for units that fit your measurements.

Gaming chairs

Regardless of whether you’re a PC or console gamer, you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting down. A comfortable chair is a must, and one that doesn’t ruin your posture is even better.

For console gamers, an armchair or even a sofa is the perfect choice – just make sure it doesn’t take up too much space in your gaming room. You could even look into recliners if you want that extra level of comfort.

PC gaming chairs are usually ergonomic, and they don’t have to break the bank. While you could pay hundreds of pounds, others come in around £90 and are just as comfortable. What matters is you buy one that suits you, so don’t be afraid to shop around.

Desks and TV stands

Often overlooked in favor of the cheapest on the market, desks and TV stands shouldn’t be forgotten about. They can really tie your gaming room together. They don’t have to be huge, either – when space is at a premium, every inch really counts.

The best small gaming room ideas will have furniture with built-in storage. Having somewhere to keep your games, controllers, spare batteries and other peripherals means less clutter, too.


This leads us perfectly into small gaming room storage ideas. Units can be picked up relatively cheap from places like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Ikea. If you’re working with awkward angles, bespoke furniture is the answer, although this can get a little more expensive.

Don’t limit yourself to floorspace – floating shelves and hanging cabinets will free up room, and you can even make them into displays.


The last thing you want is to be tripping over cables every time you stand up. Spiral wraps and cable organisers can fix that problem, and you can even get ones that fit your room’s aesthetic.


Lighting is your chance to get fancy, and there are plenty of small gaming room lighting ideas out there. With smart bulbs, for example, you can control the light color of your phone. You could also look into ambient lighting systems for TVs and monitors, which are sure to enhance your gaming experience so matter your platform. 


Your gaming room is an extension of you and your interests – the colours you use should reflect that. Having said that, there are some colours you should avoid. Bright colours could give you a headache after a while – especially if you’ll be marathoning Call of Duty for hours at a time – so keeping your walls neutral isn’t a bad idea.

Alternatively, many gamers like to theme their rooms. If you’re a die-hard Minecraft fan, or an avid retro gamer, don’t be afraid to follow that theme. Find some decals or art online and really lean into your favourite game. After all, it’s your small gaming room – no idea should be off the table.

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