Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Boards Are Better Than Old Whiteboards

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We are all too familiar with good old whiteboards or their other cousins the blackboards right! From prep school classrooms to the highest educational grade, these are in use everywhere. These white or blackboards have practically done their jobs well enough. New industry development in writing surfaces is the modern glass erase boards. These not only ensure all services and characteristics of traditional whiteboards but go far and beyond them too. When you order your Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board from a high-quality supplier, you will be able to avail their benefits for a long time.

Some whiteboards might be available at slightly cheaper price points. But when compared with longevity and other aspects of glass boards, they get beat all the time. Here are some splendid features of glass boards that help them provide great benefits wherever they might be used:

Glass Dry Erase Boards Are Easier to Write on and Clean

Another top feature glass surface offers in whichever form they might be used is easy clean-ability. In case of these writing configured glass boards, you will have easy writing characteristics as well. Buying from a top-quality supplier like Fab Glass and Mirror, you will get a coating layer. This will make writing on these controlled and very easy at all times.

Where traditional whiteboards have been known to have ink residue on them, dry erase glass boards don’t. These are made from hard and dense glass materials that are polished to be smooth on their surfaces. Dry ink markers are used on them that can be wiped off completely very easily.

All you need to do is to wipe them off with a dry or slightly wet cloth. For deep clean, spray a bit of glass surface cleaner and wipe with a clean cloth. You will have a perfectly clean good as new glass board for a long time to come. Easy writing and easy cleaning make these some of the more popular writing surfaces for classrooms and other implementations.

Magnetic Glass Boards Help with Stationary Organization

Have you ever had the problem of losing your markers or whiteboard erasers? If you are a tutor or a school manager, we bet you have had multiple such instances. Usually, we store all our markers and dusters in drawers or on desks. It is easy to forget where you placed that item that you will be needed the next minute.

With Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Boards, you will not have to worry about that anymore. These effectively have a magnetic surface attached to their backsides. Metallic containers can be attached on their front sides. Or you can now get dusters and markers that have metallic attachments on or in them.

This whole magnetic ability makes your glass boards much more suitable for stationary organization. No longer will you have to store all your markers or erasers in drawers or on tables. Simply, you will have easy access to them at all times with much less chance of losing any.

Glass Boards Look Good as New for Much Longer

Traditional white boards have provided good writing surfaces for many decades. But ink residue left on their surfaces has been plaguing them ever since they got introduced. This is taken care of with high-quality glass erase boards. Dry markers are now available for glass surfaces that leave no residue behind at all.

Also, their dense and smooth glass surfaces are much easier to clean. With nothing but a glass cleaner, you can wipe their surfaces close to 100% clean. This keeps them shining good as new for a long time. Whether you have colored or clear glass boards, their clarity will remain intact for years.

Their glass surfaces are also washable for ones that are not attached inside walls. Simply spraying them with water or glass cleaners, you can restore their glory anytime. Their slightly higher price points get justified when you will not have to replace them for a very long time.

Colored Glass Boards Fit Any Setting

Classrooms, labs, presentation rooms and halls have all had writing surfaces for as long as anyone can remember. Traditionally, white or blackboards have been used for this purpose. Color choices were limited to black or white at all times. However, with modern glass erase boards, you can now choose from a wide range of colors.

Possibly, all colors are available for glass boards provided you are buying from the right supplier. Aforementioned Fab Glass and Mirror is one such supplier you can trust. These guys sell glass boards in all colors making them perfect for any design settings.

Clear one’s suit labs and medical centers best. Bright colors are best for class rooms and darker ones can suit any office setting perfectly. It also might be a personal preference thing. Whichever color you need, chances are that it will be available for fancy glass boards. If you selected suppliers don’t have the required colors, you always have to option of ordering custom boards too.

Glass Boards for Writing Can Be Used in Many Different Places

Where whiteboards and blackboards were both pretty limited to classrooms, glass boards have a much wider application range. These are essentially sheets of glass that when not used as writing surfaces can boost aesthetic appeal of various interiors. Also, their perfect write-ability and clean-ability make them perfect for any specific requirements. Their application range includes:

  • Classrooms for all grades and standards in schools, colleges and universities
  • Laboratories offering perfect clear finishes for a sleek elegant look
  • Medical centers and hospitals for writing various information pieces
  • News rooms and offices with their good presentation and exceptional writing surfaces
  • Various office settings offering task writing and team presentations
  • Kids rooms in modern homes offering them a surface to draw
  • Many other applications where a writing surface with great finish is required.

Essentially, applications may be limitless. You can have these in your kid’s rooms and free up your walls from all their drawing specialties. Wherever a writing surface is needed that will also make a design statement, glass boards are the perfect ideas.

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