How to Get the Right Men’s Belt when Shopping Online 

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When it comes to dressing, it is not all about clothes but it is also about the accessories we carry. Accessories have the power to bring the best out of a simple outfit. No matter, men or women, everyone loves dressing and wants to look the best.

But sometimes, we do not wish to wear extra, so we seek the help of the accessories to accentuate our look. When we talk about men’s fashion, there are many things that are always lefts unnoticed.

Accessories like a watch, tie, belt, etc for men are widely available online. There are varieties of options one can explore. One of the most important accessories i.e. belt is the least considered part of men’s fashion. It is like if the belt matches with what you are wearing, it will become a part of your outfit and if it does not match, it will scream out, ruining the whole look.

If you are looking for belts for men, getting them from a well-known online platform is important. One should never compromise in terms of quality and style, so prefer online websites as they will offer you a variety of options to select from. Also, one should know how to style it, the make the whole look good together.

So before styling them, it is important to know what type, size, color, buckle etc you want. To know about these things in detail, follow the following points:

  • Belt sizing guide- Usually people face difficulty in choosing the belt size. There are many sizes available in a belt-like small (27-31”), medium (30-34”), large (33-37”), extra-large (36-40”) and extra-extra-large (39-43”). The size of your belt should be decided upon your waist size. Add two extra inches in your waist size to determine your belt size. For example- your waist size is 36 inches, then your belt size should be 38 inches i.e. extra large. Another way is to measure your old belt. If you like a belt that is overly large, you can get it fixed by adding an extra hole as per your size, but make sure not to do this yourself as you might ruin it. Take help from any cobbler as they have proper tools.
  • Belt width- One should always prefer thin and sleek belts rather than going for broad belts. Sleek belts will give a formal and semi-formal look, which is usually 1.5 inches. But if you want to style it with casual, you can prefer broad belts. Also, if you prefer heavy buckles, broad belts will look good obviously.
  • Belt buckles- When you will look for belts online, you will get a variety of options in belt buckles like frame buckle, snap buckle, box buckle, plate buckle, o-ring buckle and D-ring buckle. Now, you can decide to depend upon your personal choice. Frame buckle is the most opted style among all. It is in a rectangular shape and is empty from the center. This style looks very classy with formals. O-ring buckle looks good with casual dressing.
  • Belt strap- You will find plenty of options in belt strap material like full-grain leather, faux leather, vinyl leather, webbing belts, viscose belt, top grain leather etc. There is no doubt that belts with a leather strap can be easily styled. But while investing in a leather belt, make sure that the leather is of good quality. For other high-end quality, you can opt for a top grain leather belt. You can also go for suede leather as it looks very classy with a matte finish. Viscose belts are also easily available in plenty of colors so they are easy to match. It will add a pop of color to your whole outfit. If we talk about webbing belts, it looks great with a D-ring buckle. This style looks very appealing to the eyes with both casual and formal outfits.
  • Belt colors- It is not about style, but also about its color. The right color belt will pop out the whole look. There are many colors but is always advised to go for some basic colors like black, tan, dark brown, burgundy etc. These colors can be easily styled both with formal and casual outfits. Make sure to match your shoe color with your belt strap color. The most opted color is black as it is easy to style with any color outfit and usually it is preferred with formal outfits. Brown and the tan color looks great with blue, brown and light grey color outfits. Burgundy belts also look good with light and dark brown suits.
  • Formal and casual belt- While you are looking for formal belts, you can invest in sleek belts with a basic color like black, brown, tan etc with not too heavy buckles. While you want a belt for formal outfits, try to go for the thin strap with a small frame buckle. On the other hand, if you want something to complete your casual look, go with a broad strap with heavy metal buckle. This will set a casual tone for your whole outfit. Just make sure to go with the same color belt and shoes. For casual, you can go with the material like webbing, vinyl etc. This will help in making the whole look amazing.

So above are some points highlighting how you can choose the right belt for men. Try to get them from online platforms as you will easily get them at amazing prices with lots of variety.

One of the best websites is ‘Snapdeal’ which offers everything starting from men’s fashion, women’s fashion, home and kitchen, kid’s fashion, beauty, health and much more.

Search for the options and apply filters to get the items as your choice. You can easily compare the prices as well so that you get the maximum benefit out of it. Also, never skip amazing deals and offers during occasions and festivals. Keep a good eye on these websites to never miss them. Know that never fall for everything you see online. Always shop from those websites which have a good name in the market.

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