Tips to keep in mind while making your grocery home delivery list

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Ordering groceries online has become one of the biggest trends today. Everyone wants to live a comfortable life that gives them time to do what they really want. With many apps and websites making grocery home delivery easier, it is important that you have everything in place while making your online order. Irrespective of whether you have been utilizing the online grocery home delivery option for quite some time or are new to the entire scenario, these tips will make the entire online grocery buying process simpler and not seem like a task.

  1. Consider ordering earlier

We understand that getting your groceries delivered on time to begin your day helps you attain a feeling of accomplishment. But if you want to ensure that your groceries are delivered at a time you want, try placing an earlier order than the slot you want. Some apps promise to deliver your goods within an hour while others require you to book a slot. Ensure that you understand the offerings of the app you choose and utilize it to its fullest.

  1. Have replacements ready

Your grocer may run out of inventory or may not stock the product/brand you are looking for. In such a case, have a list of replacements ready so that you don’t face any hiccups or extend your time spent on thinking of different products. Being proactive and having the list handy will quicken the grocery home delivery process.

  1. Delivery directions

If you live in an apartment building or in bylanes, please ensure that you give as many details as possible so that the delivery person can reach your home with ease. Nobody likes being bothered over call for trivial reasons like directions. If you set up your location and provide landmarks, it eases the delivery process and gets you your groceries faster.

  1. Don’t order last minute

We understand that you have a hectic schedule to keep up to and need everything at the tip of your fingers. But you need to understand that ordering groceries online is a process that does take some time at least. So to ensure that you aren’t left shaking the milk carton for those final few drops, order your groceries well in advance. Also consider ordering in bulk.

  1. Don’t keep your phone away

Ordering groceries from an app allows you to quickly make your choice, pay and forget about the order. But once that is done, there may be a few problems faced by the store owner or the delivery person. The shopper may not have what you are looking for and may need to contact you via chat or call to ask for a replacement. The delivery person may be unable to find your home and may need to contact you for directions. Leaving your phone in another room causes problems for everyone. So while you don;t need to actively be on your phone, having it handy is a great plus.

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